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Whitepaper – Omni-Channel Fashion Retail

How Fashion Retailers successfully implement omni-channel services. A practice-oriented guide to build the right basis for efficient omni-channel retailing.

Whitepaper: Omnichannel Fashion Retail

The implementation of an omni-channel strategy is a major undertaking. Regardless of whether your company is just at the starting point, in the middle of the project implementation, or already in a more advanced stage, if the foundation for omni-channel retailing is not well laid, the project is doomed to fail. This whitepaper provides 5-basics-checks for the fundamentals of efficient omni-channel retailing. It helps to build a solid foundation for a successful implementation of omni-channel retailing – regardless of the stage your company has already reached in the realisation of its omni-channel strategy. It is aimed to reach practitioners responsible for the omni-channel initiative and therefore those with clear expectations on the cost-benefit aspects of any omni-channel investment. It provides C-levels, Omni-channel-, eCommerce- and Marketing Executives with reflective and feasible recommendations for actions to take for more efficient omni-channel retailing. The Whitepaper focuses on the following omni-channel-services, expected by consumers: availability checks, click & collect, ship-from-store, return-to-store and instore-ordering.

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Intel-Detego Solution Brief

Fashion Retailers Optimise Services and Connect to Customers through Data-Driven Insights Detego software on Intel® Responsive Retail Sensor powers intelligent article management and unified commerce.

Whitepaper: Intel-Detego Solution Brief

The retail shopping experience is changing rapidly, but one thing remains constant: Customers walking into brick-and-mortar stores want to find the articles that interest them, in the size, style, and colour they prefer. Detego’s innovative software suite provides the real-time insights retailers need to meet customers’ desires—not only by providing complete transparency into every article from the warehouse to final sale but also by enabling a more personalised and positive customer experience.

As part of the Intel® Responsive Retail Sensor ecosystem, Detego solutions give fashion retailers a competitive advantage through unified commerce, increased sales, and a superior in-store shopping experience.

Digitalisation | Omni-Channel | Customer Experience

Real-Time Analytics and Article Transparency.
The Basis of Your Strategy.

Whitepaper: Digitalisierung | Omnichannel | Customer Experience

Customers drive retail strategies with their various and versatile demands. They want the ability to shop anytime, anywhere while expecting a consistent brand experience in the store, on the web and using mobile apps. Customers anticipate immediate access on an article’s availability across all channels – and fast delivery! Failure means losing a customer to a competitor. They’re only a click away. Meeting these expectations requires a digital transformation of the stores and efficient omni-channel retailing. But how to implement these strategies successfully? With an intelligent business base.