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Detego InStore

Detego InStore

Keep the customer in the store!

The modern omni-channel fashion customer enters a brand name store with specific collection of expectations. His or her shopping behaviour is driven by certain ideas about availability, price, quality and service. The retailer can only make sales if all of these expectations are fulfilled, and the research says that there’s only one chance.

There’s a real art to keeping the customer in the store …

Reality in fashion retailing

Click&collect advertisement vey often proves to be an empty promise. Without knowing, if a certain item is on the sales floor or still in the backroom, sales personnel leave the customer to check in the backroom or aks the Store Manager if the sought-after article is available. All too often this ends with disappointing the customer by saying "No, unfortunately we do not have this article anymore". As a result, the customer leaves and most likely will buy the desired article somewhere else. Locating the article whilst stocktaking is too late.

This is the bitter reality of fashion retail.


Only visible articles can be sold

Cartons full of merchandise that remain unpacked in the stockroom effect sales in a similarly adverse way to empty shelves. So-called out of stock situations lead to a negative shopping experience. The customer leaves the store and buys from a competitor.


Detego InStore for real-time article transparency

From the delivery of the merchandise to the moving of items between the frontstore and backstore as well as from merchandise presentation on the sales floor to the sale of an item, Detego InStore delivers complete transparency in real-time for every article. Store managers know the availability of articles on item-level - what colours and sizes are available and where they can be found - and all of that at any time.

The software is based on RFID technology and can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT landscape, ERP system, POS system and retail management system. An electronic anti-theft solution rounds out the offer for the retailer.


Detego InStore from the perspective of …

As a store manager or merchandise planner, you’ll profit from Detego InStore.

You manage your store using these KPIs:

  • Article transparency
  • Merchandise availability, frontstore/backstore stocking
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Age structure of the inventory

You efficiently avoid out of stock situations, especially during important sales events and campaigns. Detego InStore supports you in the necessary analysis with valuable real-time data for your hourly, weekly and monthly decisions.

Real-time notifications even before gaps in inventory occur.

  • Automatic restocking suggestions
  • Real-time information about merchandise movement in the store
  • Time that merchandise has been on the sales floor
  • Regular taking of inventory in a few minutes instead of once per year

You manage your store using these KPIs:

  • Optimal merchandise presentation
  • Campaign set up according to the merchandise plan
  • Discover fast movers and slow movers

Detego is the ideal practical tool for merchandise planners. Through the complete transparency provided, it is always clear where the merchandise can be found as well as where items are selling best.

More consistency and transparency in the flow of merchandise.

  • Import of merchandise plans and real-time performance measurements
  • Aging structure of the merchandise on the sales floor

“Nowadays complete transparency in real-time is the only way to take care of customers and ensure their satisfaction and nevertheless handle this in an efficient way (without high inventory numbers). Today no fashion retailer can afford to continue to work inefficiently – the market is already difficult enough.”

Uwe Hennig, CEO Detego

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