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Management Team

Dr. Michael Goller

Dr. Michael Goller, CTO

As the CTO of Detego, Dr. Michael Goller is responsible for the development and implementation of the Detego Suite. Since 2008, Dr. Goller has been handling customer projects for fashion companies as well as fashion retailers. His thorough understanding of retail processes, from logistics to the store itself, presents a tremendous benefit to customers in this era of omni-channel retailing. His vision for the future is centred on the “digital store”. As a postdoctoral research fellow at the Graz Technical University, he has a firm grasp of solving difficult problems using a combination of analytical methods and the most modern software technologies. This combination of skills and experience allow him to successfully bridge the gap between the needs of customers and the application driven work involved in R&D. Michael Goller’s chosen doctoral dissertation topic is “Probabilistic Modelling in RFID Systems”; he’s already made a name for himself through his scientific publications and his involvement in the scientific community.

Dr. Michael Goller

Jürgen Reisinger, CFO

Jürgen Reisinger joined the Detego management team in September 2015 – he is responsible for the financial and controlling aspects of operations. His special focus is the organisation of the company’s geographical expansion of the distribution network through the establishment of offices in other European countries. He is also in charge of the development of novel financing models for Detego customers, i.e. managed services which allow for the rental of modules in the Detego Suite. Reisinger was previously a regional CFO with Takko Fashion in Austria, where he was responsible for Central Europe and Eastern Europe. In his seven years with the company, he helped to shape the business model for expansion into Eastern Europe. Originally from the east of Austria, his professional career has spanned a number of industries, for example a management role with CIBA Vision Austria GmbH and a lead trader with ZF Trading Austria GmbH.

Jürgen Reisinger

Kim Berknov, Executive Chairman

For more than 18 years, Kim Berknov has been working with early stage technology companies. He serves as the Chairman of Detego and is in charge of corporate development. Kim brings a wealth of knowledge on retail, management consulting as well as venture capital and investment advise. Kim was previously Managing Director at the Venture Capital firm TransConnect and Digital Mountain in Germany and has additionally worked as a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company in Germany. Kim has further held operational positions as CEO of Vyke Communications Plc in UK, Executive Vice President & Managing Director of Aldata Solution in Finland and UK, Managing Director of GE Capital IT Solution in UK, Sales Director of HIS BV in Belgium and Sales & /Marketing Manager of NCR Cooperation in US, UK and Denmark. Kim works closely with the management team of Detego and is leading the engagement with strategic investment partners.