All store assistants are busy at the moment and another customer enters the store. She has only one question: “Is the skirt in the shop window also available in XS?”– It’s not going to take long, however, nobody is available to assist. She briefly looks around on the sales floor…finds nothing and therefore leaves the store.

Increase service quality in the store with Artificial Intelligence

With digital sales assistants, fashion retailers no longer have to keep consumers waiting but offer them a convenient service. The chatbot serves consumers via smartphone by answering initial questions such as: Is the article still available in my size? Where can I find it? How expensive is it? What accessories go with it? If an article is out of stock, Detega makes suggestions, e.g. to have the desired article shipped from another store to the customer´s preferred store or even directly to her home.

Recommendations for more consumer engagement

If a store assistant recommends additional articles to a customer, it could easily backfire as unwanted assistance can be considered intrusive and the customer might avoid visiting the store in future. However, if a chatbot recommends an article that the customer clearly perceives as a possible additional purchase, he/she will have no problem considering the recommendation or rejecting it by simply swiping it away and look at other articles that he/she likes better. Chatbots enable a non-binding yet personalised dialogue – just as customers are familiar with online shopping.

Detega Video – Initial dialouge before sales personnel takes over

The use of digital store assistants. Benefits for retailers.


  • starts a dialogue with the consumer via smartphone as desired
  • notifies store personnel to bring certain articles to consumers
  • pushes purchases through „live“  discounts
  • brings online shopping experience into the store
  • activates cross-selling potential by letting customers browse through the entire product range
  • recommends articles that are actually available in the store
  • supports as well as unburdens store personnel
  • deepens the brand experience
  • compiles data on customer clusters and their preferred article combinations
  • continues to interact with customers after they leave the store to inform them about special offers, etc.
  • offers after-sales services to customers such as reservations in the store

The use of digital store assistants. Benefits for customers.


  • helps with the decision-making process using information
  • provides useful product recommendations such as: popular items, bestsellers, reduced articles and product variants
  • accurate product recommendations due to Artificial Intelligence
  • offers self-service via customers‘ smartphone
  • offers online shopping experience in-store
  • answers immediately – customers are not kept waiting
  • gives information in real-time
  • notifies the store personnel to bring desired articles directly to the customer
  • allows customers to browse through the full product range
  • guarantees an unforgettable shopping experience
  • passes on customers to sales personnel when required

„At the Point-of-Sale, the chatbot serves digitally-oriented target groups via their smartphones and passes them on to the sales personnel for individual service whenever the sales process requires it.“

Dr. Michael Goller – CTO Detego

Did we spark your interest?

Detego, a market leader in business intelligence and real-time analytics for the fashion retail industry, is launching new software to actively support retailers in their consumer engagement strategies. As part of its omni-channel retailing software suite, Detego InChannels bridges the gap between online and bricks-and-mortar retailing by using more digital touchpoints in stores. These include digitally connected “smart fitting rooms” and interactive screens on the sales floor, as well as the introduction of a new Detego chatbot that accompanies customers throughout the entire buying process at any time on a customer’s smartphone.

Detego’s pioneering Smart Fitting Rooms technology allow customers to directly communicate with store personnel via interactive screens in the fitting room and request other products or sizes be brought to them (or even be delivered to other locations). A global sportswear retailer is currently rolling out the concept across its store estate, including arming its staff with iWatches to help guide them with more informative, real-time information.

The software provides reliable data on the number of articles that have been tried-on and sold or not (with fitting room conversion rates unique to the system). Social media feeds built into Detego InChannels also give customers the ability to post recommendations or put together outfits that can be shared within their community. This helps boost levels of engagement with customers, particularly in stores, increasing interaction across a broader range of products.

By using Detego InChannels, retailers are able to get a much deeper understanding of consumer behaviour across various different channels. Detego claims that its software’s more precise and intelligent product recommendations – based on using real-time data on product availability – can increase sales and reduce the number of unnecessary markdowns. For instance, only articles that are currently in-stock are flagged up and the intelligent system can even be used to encourage more sales of otherwise slower-selling or higher margin items. The AI capabilities of Detego’s software also mean that the recommendations get better and better as the logic behind the self-learning system continually improves and increases its functionality.

“Retailers have to adapt their store processes to the expectations of a new, digital customer using more modern-day technologies that bring the customer, store and online worlds together for good,” says Uwe Hennig, CEO at Detego.

Detego, a specialist in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, is launching Detego InStore 4.2, making it the first vendor to offer in-store software with comprehensive functionalities for omni-channel retailing. Many international fashion retailers, including G-Star and Marc O’Polo, already use Detego InStore for providing real-time transparency on individual items across multiple channels. Following the introduction of Detego software and RFID tags on every item of clothing, a recent pilot with one global fashion brand revealed that it was able to boost sales and improve inventory management across its mobile, store and online business. Other live projects have shown Detego’s software to increase merchandise inventory accuracy from an industry average of around 75 percent to up to 99 percent. The latest release features a number of standard applications for omni-channel retailing, including ‘click & reserve’, ‘ship-from-store’ and ‘return-to-store’, enabling fashion retailers to more effectively manage popular services like same-day deliveries.

“Detego InStore bridges the gap between online and offline retailing and allows fashion retailers to support their customers at every touchpoint, along the entire customer journey,” says Uwe Hennig, CEO at Detego. “It means that stocks will be used more intelligently and omni-channel retailing strategies can be implemented in a more cost-efficient way.”

The cloud-based Detego retail software differs from many rivals by providing item-level visibility of merchandise, whatever the channel, as well as offering a complete in-store solution with comprehensive omni-channel applications (including hardware, service components and updates), all for a monthly subscription fee, rather than large upfront investment. The software is particularly geared towards fashion retailers because of the need to closely monitor so many ranges, styles, colours and sizes, as well as the inherent costs of over-supply and discounting. Detego says that franchisees and consession stores are also built into the software’s omni-channel set-up to ensure a positive brand experience across all channels for customers.

“Consumers no longer distinguish between online and offline, or brand-owned and franchise stores, but rather expect a seamless shopping experience across all channels,” says Hennig. “And this can be achieved without the constraint of increasing stocks in stores.”

Intelligent article management software Detego has today released a real-time analysis tool for fashion retailers—Detego InReports. This tool brings a new analysis platform that can coordinate the demands of the sales floor and logistics chain, helping retailers access current information such as the merchandise inventory and availability of items on the sales floor.

With bricks-and-mortar fashion retailers competing with online stores, retailers are forced to keep up with the pace set by customers, which means that product line management is essential. Detego recognises that the multi-channel strategy necessitates transparency, targeted merchandise distribution and increased merchandise availability, and is able to solve these issues using their new InReports technology.

Michael Goller PhD, CTO of Detego notes: “We developed Detego InReports as a tool for our customers so they can be better equipped for the ever more dynamic market and the growing demands of it. More than anything else, retailers with a network of several hundred stores need transparency and data that they can depend on in order to be able to react quickly. Detego InReports enables retailers to have this information at their fingertips”.

Increase Sales, Reduce Inventory, Manage Stores

Detego InReports analyses the crucial key performance indicators of individual locations, including merchandise inventory and availability, in addition to the time spent on the sales floor), making it possible to effectively assess and analyse the performance of individual stores. The high quality of the information on hand allows for more precise management of the flow of merchandise, as well as a reduction in the in-stock inventory kept available in all channels and loss prevention. This results in a simpler way to better adapt what is on offer to customers, and subsequently improving the profitability of stores. Detego offers textile retailers a faster way to react to market changes and trends that is based on overall inventory transparency, which translates to increased merchandise turnover and sales volume.