Detego InStore Lean Edition

Detego InStore Lean Edition

Let’s start … lean

Exact inventories and item availability are no luxury. Detego easily increases your article availability through a single view on item-level. Without complex implementation, the Detego InStore Lean Edition instantly increase your inventory accuracy even on a small budget. Simplified article management, stock-takes and in-store replenishment (salesfloor, backroom) are included in the Lean Edition as well as the complete hosting service.

Great effects on a small budget.

Start small, grow big

The Detego InStore Lean Edition represents a quick start into the digital store – without any risk. Once inventory accuracy, fast and fault-free stock-takes, and a working replenishment process is established in a pre-defined period of time and budget, fashion retailers scale across the entire store network. Exactly as your business requires.

Inventory Management

  • Article accuracy
  • Articles availability


  • Store Performance
  • Inventories

Predictive Analytics

  • Optimum inventory cycles bases on AI algorithms


  • Open APIs

Hostting Model

  • SaaS – Hosted & Fully Managed

All functionalities of the Lean Edition plus:

Efficient Processes

  • Support for all processes in the store to increase efficiency


  • Click & Collect, Return-toStore, Ship-from-store etc.

Comprehensive Analytics Functionalities

  • Article accuracy and article availability on the sales floor
  • Stock Performance: Comparison, benchmarking and clustering
  • Replenishment performance
  • Aging structure of articles
  • Detailed “Track & Trace” at item-level

Various Deployment Models:

  • Hosted-, managed services, on-premises or hybrid

At one glance

  • Quick start for exact inventories using RFID based stock management
  • Start small, scale big (1 store |> 100 stores |> 1,000 stores)
  • > 99% article accuracy
  • High article availability
  • Maximum ROI
  • Scalability from Detego InStore Lean Edition to Detego InStore Full Edition at any time
  • Open APIs
  • Article availability check by store personnel via mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • Suitable for: Fashion retailers with large store networks, franchise- and concession stores

Detego InStore Lean Edition from the perspective of …

Start small…

  • Exact inventories
  • Article availability and the ability to provide reliable information to customers
  • Article transparency
  • Recommendations for replenishment

With the Detego InStore Lean Edition, you can always find out where an article that you are looking for is located. Your sales personnel will have 100% visibility on inventory. Any replenishment requirements are automatically triggered.

Start with a store and scale across the entire store network later on.

Easy integration

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Open APIs for all store applications
  • Scale from Lean to Full-Edition also across additional stores
  • For existing or new RFID users

The Lean Edition is designed to keep the integration effort as low as possible. Start immediately with your existing system landscape.

Quick and uncomplicated start on a small budget

  • Exact invetories
  • Article availability and the ability to provide reliable information to customers
  • Article transparency
  • Recommendations for replenishment
  • Cloud-based solution

Benefit from a high level of article availability and exact inventory at a good price-performance ratio.

”We see more and more fashion retailers adapting an agile, hands-on mindset. Large waterfall integration projects are no longer state-of-the-art. Realising benefits from day one of implementation and the ability to scale is the desired goal. Our customers value the immediate business benefits our Detego InStore Lean Edition offers – with a clear path in the future.”

Dr. Michael Goller, CTO Detego

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