Detego at NRF, New York City 2017

LIVE on Stage – Smart Fitting Room to improve the digital shopping experience

Detego’s solution „live on stage“ at NRF 2017

At NRF, the world’s largest retail tradeshow held in New York City, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich presented various showcases during his keynote speech to an audience of 6,000 people, including the Smart Fitting Room showcase developed by Detego in cooperation with Intel. For this purpose, a pop-up store by REVEAL, with an incorporated fitting room equipped with the Intel® Responsive Retail Sensor and Detego´s Smart Fitting Room solution was put on stage, demonstrating the various insights IoT technologies provide to retailers.

At the point of sale, a digital touchpoint aims to inspire customers

The fitting room is probably the most important area in the store, since the decision whether a customer buys the item or not is made right there. Therefore, retailers are well-advised to focus special attention on a positive customer experience where “conversion” actually takes place.

In the Smart Fitting Room, bricks-and-mortar shopping experiences are combined with the digital touch-and-browse experiences familiar to the online-business. Sensors recognise the articles brought into the fitting room and provide the customer with recommendations for additional matching items or accessories on an interactive screen. Furthermore, other sizes, colours and styles available are displayed and provide further information. Even personal assistance through a sales representative is offered in the fitting room via a call-for-assistance button.

Smart Fitting Room: A great shopping experience in the fitting room

Der Kunde browst durch das Sortiment wie im E-Commerce

That is how retailers – digitally supported – enhance their up- and cross-selling potential. The customer has the possibility to check the article availabilities across all channels directly in the fitting room in real-time to trigger services like click & collect to get the desired article in another store.

Additionally, the “sharing” of pictures of tried-on clothes with peers is one of the many features retailers can offer their customers in order to improve their customer journey. Ultimately, the Smart Fitting Room becomes the perfect endless shelf where the customer has access to the entire product assortment, which solves the issue of not always having every item in stock.

Also the insights for retailers are “smart”

The Smart Fitting Room provides retailers with information on what articles are often tried-on but rarely bought. So retailers might want to focus on specific areas or placements on the shop floor to animate customers to try on more articles of clothing than otherwise. Sensors and real-time analysis can change the way retailers manage their merchandise and lead to greater customer understanding in the store.

This means that fashion retailers are then equipped with reliable data on customer preferences and so can make more valid purchasing-decisions and increase their operational efficiency, and, last but not least, customer satisfaction.

Sensoren und Echtzeit-Analysen verändern die Art und Weise, wie Einzelhändler ihr Merchandise managen und ein größeres Kundenverständnis im Store erlangen. Händler sind mit diesen Daten präzise über Kundenpräferenzen informiert, treffen validere Einkaufsentscheidungen und erhöhen ihre Operational Efficiency. Und nicht zuletzt damit auch die Kundenzufriedenheit.

At the Intel booth: Detego provides valuable insights

Better customer understanding through accurate data in real-time

To provide fashion retailers with an opportunity to analyse consumer behaviour in the store, Intel and Detego have joined forces to form a technology partnership. As part of the Intel® Responsive Retail Sensor Ecosystem, Detego’s solutions give bricks-and-mortar retailers a digital real-time insight into their store business as well as customer behaviour.

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