RFID-based in-store solution for franchise businesses with flexible pricing model

Detego InStore intelligently integrates franchise stores into a brand’s omni-channel concept

After the successful implementation of Detego’s RFID-based in-store solution in more than 130 own-label retail stores for a European fashion brand, the project has been extended to include the brand’s franchise stores. Franchisees have also been integrated into the brand’s omni-channel business and adopted the Detego InStore and Detego InReports analytics software to maximise store performance. Accurate information on item availability, as well as more efficient store-processes, ensure that the customer gets the best possible shopping experience. The flexible software-as-a-service model allows franchisees to rent Detego’s software – including hardware and service components – at a fixed monthly rate and thereby benefit from favourable terms and conditions.

Detego’s RFID-based software for real-time analytics and article transparency was initially deployed across the retailers’ own-label stores. The same Detego’s in-store solution is now being used by several franchisees, so that the fashion brand can efficiently fulfil services like ‘click & collect’ and ‘ship-from-store’ and therefore maintain its omni-channel promises. Customers can select the franchise store of their choice as a pick-up location, much like for an own-label store, and help contribute to a consistently positive shopping experience across all channels. In addition, ‘ship-from-store’ requests are also assigned to franchise stores, ensuring a faster fulfilment of eCommerce orders, due to being able to ship articles from the nearest available store. Another positive outcome of the project has been that franchisees have since been less likely to regard the online-shop as potential competitor, given that they are now actively participating in and benefitting from the omni-channel business.

In addition to real-time analysis and item-level transparency of goods in stores, Detego also allows staff to easily carry out stock-takes: either as part of the goods inbound process; or even when inventory levels dictate automatic replenishment of articles. This results in less administrative work for store personnel, which means they have more time for customers, who benefit from competent sales advice and a better shopping (and brand) experience.

Detego now offers a complete package for franchisees for a low monthly rental fee, providing an easy and flexible way to take full advantage of RFID and the benefits of real-time visibility at item-level. In addition, the ‘shop-in-shop’ solution for concessions in department stores is also available.