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Click & Collect

How to not disappoint the omni-shopper

„Click & Collect” might be the most disappointing advertising promise that retailers have proclaimed in their expensive campaigns over the last couple of years. It seemed to be so easy to capture and satisfy the customer across all channels. Those who promised that an article ordered online could be collected in any desired store, had to disappoint their customers… Unless they have a real time view on all products on item-level.

Fulfillment from the store instead of the warehouse

„Click & Collect” involves a complex process for retailers. This explains why only a few fashion retailers successfully offer this service to their customers and not process it in the most cost-efficient way. Often a „Click & Collect” item is ordered from the central warehouse, even though it is already available in the store. Why so complicated and inconvenient? Simply put, the retailer does not have a real-time view on the merchandise and therefore does not know whether the desired item is available in the store or not. Therefore the retailer triggers that the item is delivered from the central warehouse. By doing so he does not only unnecessarily increase the inventory in the store but also induces a costly process in the warehouse due to single item picking and commissioning. It would be far more practical to directly fulfil the order from the store where the order will be collected. However, this is only possible if there is a real-time view on inventory on a single item-level (e.g. blue winter coat, size L) in the moment when the online reservation is made. A rapid fulfilment from the Store prevents customer disappointment.

Online-Offline: a transparent view on the overall inventory

Customers demand an identical product range in the online and physical store of a particular retailer. Detego InStore provides fashion retailers with real-time article transparency on the overall merchandise, connecting all sales channels through inventory visibility. For every product in all variations (item-level) retailers can see whether it is available in the central warehouse, on the sales floor, in the back store, the shop window or in the online warehouse. Offer your customers to choose a place for their reservation (Store xy). The prompt reservation of the item in the system prevents the item from being sold in the meantime, ensuring that the reserved article will be available for the customer to collect.

Keep Click & Collect promises

  • Make use of real-time transparency for direct fulfillment from the store
  • Provide your customers with information on article availability in real-time
  • Enable your sales personnel to deal with online reservations in the store
  • Create an integrated brand image across all channels