Detego LiveCase

Controlling at Headquarters

Manage the Store Network: Targeted Distribution and Optimized Merchandise

The omni-channel-strategy increases the pressure towards transparency of the flow of goods and calls for a better coordination of the individual channels. With several collections during the year, as well as an international store network and online shop, fashion retailers have to keep up with the pace that the customer sets. They are required to respond to trends quickly which is why an effective product- and assortment management is inevitable. Reports, which only show the sales figures of individual stores with a significant delay, are not suitable to make quick and forward-looking decisions.

Detego InReports actively controls inventory in the omni-channel fashion retail

Through real-time dashboards that are based on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the different store locations allow decision-makers to access and evaluate relevant information, such as actual inventory level and availability on the sales floor, presence of the current collection, replenishment requirement and age pattern of products, at any time and initiate action where necessary. If customers in a specific geographic region buy more oversize shirts, for example, the latter have to be stored in larger quantities and the stock of smaller sizes can be reduced. In this way Merchandise Planning Systems are coordinated with the requirements of the sales floor and logistics.

Increase Turnover, Reduce Inventory, Active Control over Branches

  • Evaluate each branch individually: inventory, availability and product age pattern
  • Specifically and therefore efficiently adjust the offering of each store
  • Get new collections on the sales floor faster
  • Use real-time analytics as a basis for decision-making
  • Increase┬ástock turnover
  • Reduce safety inventory level and control the flow of goods more precisely