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How to avoid inventory discrepancies?

Theft – often elegantly referred to as “inventory discrepancy” – is an ever-present problem for trading businesses. Merchandise can “go missing” in any number of ways: due to dishonest customers, in the warehouses or during transportation. There are technologies in place that tell the retailer about the loss, however it is much more important not to let it happen in the first place. Effective article surveillance is one method but a very high inventory accuracy has additional benefits.

Infrequent as well as time- and personnel- consuming stocktaking, do by no means provide the retailer with constant inventory accuracy. The operational expenses for stocktaking are immense and do not even guarantee that all articles are included. Temporary helpers may oversee merchandise, in draws or the backstore for example. The manual stocktaking is inaccurate and prone to errors. Furthermore corrections and searches are equally costly. The blind flight through inventory is very expensive.

Accurate stock through permanent inventory

The store staff usually prepare the store for the day. An easy stock take with the help of RFID-handhelds and Detego InStore, that only lasts a few minutes, provides accurate inventory data.

Using Detego InStore, your staff will on average only need a quarter of the time for inventory, as it takes place without visual contact and also takes into account the stock that is hidden in draws and boxes. The store benefits from inventory accuracy of all items and exact information on their aging structure.

Identify stock differences in real-time and initiate appropriate measures


  • Avoid stock differences with the help of real-time permanent inventory
  • Immediately see where and when products go missing, in order to be able to counteract
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Free your store personnel of administrative duties