Detego LiveCase

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Nobody likes to hear a “No”

A brand manufacturer for outdoor jackets promotes his autumn collection. The promotion is successful, it triggers that a loyal customer visit one of the brand stores. There is only one problem: he has a popular clothing size. All too often he has been told: “Sorry, this jacket is no longer available in your size”. Before he heard this “No”, he had to wait several minutes while the shop assistant has searched for the jacket in that particular size.

The customer is disappointed due to a lack of inventory transparency.

Out-of-stocks reduce sales considerably

10% “out-of-stock”-situations for common sizes are not seldom in fashion retail, even though they can be easily prevented. Detego InStore automatically gives a replenishment alert according to the settings made by the Store Manager. An early warning system informs the manager that the inventory level of common sizes has reached the lower limit. The replenishment order takes place before the shelf-gap situation occurs. Furthermore Detego InReports ensures that sizes are distributed intelligently based on reliable and relevant analytical instore data in real-time.

Turn a “No“ into a “Yes“

  • Increase the sales of NOS-Products by 6 – 12%
  • Reduce your depreciation rate by approx. 2 % in the first year
  • Increase the spending on customer loyalty cards (+ 5%) and collect valuable customer data
  • Keep customers in the store with the help of immediate availability information