Detego LiveCase

Redistribution of tried-ons

From the Fitting Room back to the Shop Floor

It’s just as well that a frantic shopping Saturday is followed by a rather quite Monday, as that gives the sales personnel time to bring tried on items back to the sales floor. The retailer loses the earnings of garments that are not brought back to the sales floor within a short timeframe as other customers will not have the opportunity to see and eventually buy these items.

Only merchandise that is visible to customers can be bought.

The Hassle-Free Clean-Up

Assist your store personnel in the fast return of tried-on clothes from the fitting room to the shop floor using Detego InStore. After a quick scan of the item via a handheld scanning device, the correct placement for each item is indicated, thus preventing long searches and wrong placements. Hence store processes like this can also be executed by untrained temporary employees.

Detego InStore also solves problems in the following processes: Incoming goods, permanent inventory, immediate information for sales negotiations, out-of-stock alerts, automated replenishment order and much more.

Smooth Operation

  • Ensure that items are brought back from the fitting room area to the sales floor rapidly and without wrong placements
  • Reduce the loads of tried on clothes in the fitting room area immediately
  • Do not miss out on sales on busy days