Retailers’ data only 75% accurate, warn industry specialists, while chatbots reveal most common customer enquiries to be about stock availablility

Detailed analysis by retail tech specialists at Detego has confirmed that the average retailer’s data is only about seventy-five percent accurate when it comes to knowing exactly what inventory is actually in stock at any particular time. The problem is often compounded by retailers continually managing stock across multiple channels and increasingly having to stay on top of consumer demands for up-to-the-minute, reliable information.


Detego showcases innovative technologies for Fashion Retail in Future City Langenfeld

Detego, market leader in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, showcases its innovative retail products at Whitebox – a digital experience space for various innovative in-store applications – in Future City Langenfeld. Retailers are introduced to new in-store technologies, test them and exchange their experiences with retail experts. With its innovative and beneficial in-store products, Detego perfectly fits into the concept of the Whitebox where the Detego InStore Lean Edition as well as the Chatbot Detega are showcased.


Detego releases practice-oriented guide for IoT in fashion retail

Detego, a market leader in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, is releasing its latest whitepaper, providing valuable information on the use of Internet of Things (IoT) in fashion stores. Titled as “The perfect customer relationship – How fashion stores leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to put the customer in focus of all activities “, fashion retailers get a practice-oriented guide that highlights the most important aspects such as: Why should fashion retailers deal with IoT?, What problems could be solved in the stores?, What results can be expected? Retail decision makers need to deal with IoT if increased article availability, exact inventories, interaction with customers and operational excellence in the stores are set as objectives.


EuroCIS 2018: Detego shows digital InStore solutions for the fashion retail industry

Detego, a market leader in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, will showcase three of its software solutions at EuroCIS, taking place from February 27th to March 1st 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Visitors to Europe’s leading trade fair for retail technology can experience the Detego Smart Fitting Room, the Chatbot Detega and the Detego InStore Lean Edition as live-demos in hall 9 on booth #C03.


Detego launches new mobile, chatbot and AI solutions for fashion retailers at NRF

Retail software vendor, Detego, will be showcasing its latest digital in-store solutions for retailers at NRF, the world’s largest retail industry show on January 14-16 in New York, as a co-exhibitor on SAP´s booth # 2733. These include a new mobile solution for retailers, offering faster and cheaper access to the benefits of digital connectivity, as well as Detega, a new chatbot that supports customers throughout their entire shopping experience.


Detego launches new mobile solution for retailers giving fast access to benefits of RFID and the Internet of Things

Detego, a market leader in real-time business intelligence for the fashion industry, is launching a new mobile solution for retailers which will give faster and cheaper access to the benefits of digital connectivity. Thanks to imbedded radio-frequency identity (RFID) tags on every product, benefits include being able to painlessly carry out stock-takes on smartphones and near hundred percent inventory accuracy, so fewer gaps on the shelves and no lost sales from missing sizes.


Detego showcases in-store innovations at the Paris Retail Week 2017

Detego, market leader in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, is presenting in-store innovations at this year’s Paris Retail Week in cooperation with its French integration partner IER. The leading trade fair in fashion retail will be hosted at the Expo Paris Porte de Versailles from September 19th to 21st, 2017, and represents the largest cross-channel event in Europe, combining e-commerce and digital in-store topics. At the event, Detego will be demonstrating how fashion retailers are using RFID-based merchandise management to set the base for the Digital Store and actively drive in-store consumer engagement through intelligent fitting rooms, so-called Smart Fitting Rooms, and the chatbot Detega.


AI powered merchandise management software more effective in combating out-of-stocks as shoppers continue to grapple with missing sizes and gaps on shelves

Specialist retail software provider, Detego, has successfully eliminated over three million stock shortages during various pilots and ongoing retailer projects after using merchandise management software powered by artificial intelligence to help combat perilous out-of-stock situations.


SAP and Detego enter partnership

Detego, a market leader in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, announced today that the company is partnering with SAP. The software company is the first to offer in-store analytics fully integrated on the SAP Cloud Platform to the fashion retail market. The combination of the SAP Cloud Platform and the analytics and merchandise software from Detego provides the basis for customer-centric processes and services, as well as real-time applications in omni-channel retailing. This gives fashion retailers a competitive advantage that drives digital change within the company, especially in the store.


New Detego software to support fashion retailers in consumer engagement with launch of new chatbot and artificial intelligence capabilities

Detego, a market leader in business intelligence and real-time analytics for the fashion retail industry, is launching new software to actively support retailers in their consumer engagement strategies. As part of its omni-channel retailing software suite, Detego InChannels bridges the gap between online and bricks-and-mortar retailing by using more digital touchpoints in stores. These include digitally connected “smart fitting rooms” and interactive screens on the sales floor, as well as the introduction of a new Detego chatbot that accompanies customers throughout the entire buying process at any time on a customer’s smartphone.


Detego appoints prestigious Advisory Board Members

Detego, the UK retail software company behind SaaS based real-time inventory intelligence and in-store analytics as well as several pioneering IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) projects in fashion retail, has appointed three new advisory board members – Daniel Bobroff, Steve Gray and Rene Homeyer – to provide senior counsel to the company´s leadership team and encourage thought leadership and growth through technology innovation. They have all been leaders and experts in their respective fields and will bring additional thoughts and insights to stimulate Detego’s current market positioning as an innovative leader in Fashion Tech.


Detego releases practice-oriented guide for efficient omni-channel retailing

Detego, a market leader in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, is releasing its latest whitepaper, “Omni-Channel Fashion Retail”, providing a checklist for the fundamentals of efficient omni-channel retailing. It is focused on how retailers can meet customers’ expectations regarding omni-channel services such as “Availability Check” in stores, “Click & Collect”, “Ship-from-Store”, “Returnto-Store” and “Instore Ordering” in an efficient way in order to provide an optimum shopping experience across all channels.


Detego showcases new IoT and AI solutions for retailers at NRF

Retail software vendor, Detego, will be showcasing a range of IoT and Artificial Intelligence solutions for retailers at NRF, the world’s largest retail industry show, taking place from January 15th to 17th in New York. Detego has been helping a number of global fashion and sportswear brands to get the most out of using RFID and smart devices for achieving near 100 percent inventory accuracy. This has included some pioneering projects involving digital fitting rooms and interactive screens where customers can simply click on a button to automatically request staff bring different sizes or styles without having to return to the shop floor.


Partnership to bring benefits of RFID to wider retail market

Detego is partnering with French RFID systems integrator IER to help fashion retailers improve inventory accuracy for more effective omni-channel strategies. By partnering with IER, Detego will provide real-time analytics and merchandise visibility at item-level to French retailers, enabling more effective omni-channel strategies. Jointly, the companies will bring fashion retailers a step closer towards more connectivity and ensure a digital transformation that’s essential in today’s connected world. The Detego Suite can be viewed in IER’s Lab in Paris, showing a mock ‘store of the future’.


Over a billion garments digitally connected as retail industry gets smart

Retail software specialist, Detego, announces today that it has reached the milestone of having now digitally connected over a billion items of clothing, in a bid to help several European retailers gain actionable insights into product ranges and customer behaviour. Both the UK and Germany are leading the field in adopting RFID (radio-frequency identity) technology, accounting for around seventy percent of the European fashion business. However, only a small percentage of the total fashion retail market has yet to fully embrace RFID and connected smart devices, say experts.


Detego launches new software for omnichannel retailing

Detego, a specialist in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, is launching Detego InStore 4.2, making it the first vendor to offer in-store software with comprehensive functionalities for omni-channel retailing. The latest release features a number of standard applications for omni-channel retailing, including ‘click & reserve’, ‘ship-from-store’ and ‘return-to-store’, enabling fashion retailers to more effectively manage popular services like same-day deliveries.


Software AG Partners with Detego to Offer Retailers Item-Level Merchandize Location, Visibility and Analytics in Real-time

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) announced today that the company is partnering with Detego, a provider of business intelligence for the highly-competitive, fashion industry, to provide retailers with the ability to seamlessly incorporate real-time analytics and merchandise visibility at item-level, enable retailers to interact with their customers and bring them on innovative ‘digital’ journeys, and transform their businesses without the need to replace their existing technology infrastructure.


Detego In-Store for RFID fixed-reader infrastructure opens up new opportunities for fashion retailers

Detego, the market leader in real time business intelligence for fashion retail, is the first vendor to offer in-store software that provides out-of-the-box support for fixed RFID readers. Removing the need for store assistants to manually scan using handheld RFID readers, the hands-free reader system with Detego InStore creates complete inventory transparency and near 100% inventory accuracy and provides completely new insights into the in-store business.


Detego awarded as Red Herring Top 100 Europe company

Detego, the leader in business intelligence for fashion retailers, was selected for the prestigious “Red Herring Top 100 Europe” Award. The international Red Herring Business Magazine assigns its award since 1996 and thereby rewards the most promising high-tech start-ups in Europe, Asia and the USA. More than 20 quantitative and qualitative criteria are incorporated into the analysis and assessment by the jury. Detego was selected and added to the “Red Herring Top 100” list due to its high innovative capacity, its groundbreaking innovations for the fashion retail sector and its enormous growth potential. The award ceremony will take place in Amsterdam on April 12th.


Detego demonstrates the future of retail at all-star event featuring Marks & Spencer

On Tuesday 8th this week Detego and partners presented a vision of a consumer-centric, emotionally engaged retail future to an audience of retail insiders at the Advantage Austria in London. Attendees learnt how a foundation for meeting the expectations of shoppers, especially millennials, is borne by emotional connection and satisfaction delivered by integrated retail services.


G-STAR RAW franchisee Denimwall sets course for future with real-time data analytics enabled by technology and services from Detego, Impinj und RIoT Insight

Detego, the leader in business intelligence for fashion retailers and its partner RIoT Insight, an independent solution provider of innovative, practical, complete and integrated best in class RFID and IoT solutions announced today that they have realized the first fully integrated end-to-end solution with fixed RFID reader infrastructure in fashion retail at a New York City G-STAR RAW store owned by Denimwall Inc.


Detego welcomes two new prestigious advisory board members to successful retail software business

Enso Detego, the leader in business intelligence for fashion retailers, today welcomes two new members to its advisory board: Steve Gray and Torsten Strauch.


Detego Looks to Future Digital Stores for Fashion Retailers

Detego, software vendor for real-time store analysis and article transparency in fashion retailing, has selected the digital future in textile retail and the motto “Follow your retail future” as their central theme for the EuroCIS 2016 which runs from February 23rd to 25th (hall 9, booth C03). Better connecting the customer to the store and the brand, including all the technical implementation possibilities, are the focal points in the process. To this end, the Austrian company presents the products of their Detego Suite 4.1 which consist of Detego InStore for real-time article transparency in the store and stockroom, Detego InWarehoue for inventory transparency at the item level in the central warehouse as well as the store analysis and oversight product Detego InReports. Detego InStore prevents “out of stock” situations, ensuring optimal merchandise presentation and article availability on the sales floor.


Detego InReports provides active inventory oversight for multi-channel fashion retailers

Intelligent article management software Detego has today released a real-time analysis tool for fashion retailers—Detego InReports. This tool brings a new analysis platform that can coordinate the demands of the sales floor and logistics chain, helping retailers access current information such as the merchandise inventory and availability of items on the sales floor.


Detego outlines plan to shake up UK retail, launches UK operations and partner drive

Today Enso Detego GmbH (Detego) launched its UK operations. The fast-growing business, headquartered in Graz, Austria, is now bringing its data backbone for the fashion industry to UK businesses. Detego enables efficient omnichannel and customer experience applications that enable stores to compete with internet businesses. Detego is actively looking for business partners seeking to drive greater brand value for their retail clients.


NextLevel Logistics speeds up delivery for fashion retail customers with Detego

Logistics service provider NextLevel Logistics (NLL) has today announced it is using Detego’s article tracking and intelligence solutions, developed specifically for the fashion industry, for faster delivery to customers. Approximately three million pieces of clothing are moved by NLL every year, and thanks to the complete transparency and real-time warehouse insights provided by Detego’s software, this is now quicker and error-free.


Detego with SaaS Model for Fashion Retailers

Detego, software vendor, providing article transparency in fashion retail, is now also offering its software products as software as a service (SaaS) as part of its managed services. There is a fixed monthly price per store location and a rental term of 36, 48 or 60 months including a combination of hardware and service components, including software updates. This means that companies with a preference for OPEX (operational expenditures) rather than CAPEX (capital expenditures) are specifically being addressed.


Detego Appoints Industry Expert Jürgen Reisinger as CFO

Jürgen Reisinger, 45, has been appointed as the new CFO of Enso Detego, a software vendor which shows and tracks items within the retail fashion industry.


New Store Analytics Package for Fashion Retailers with Realtime Alerts to Prevent Inventory Gaps

The visibility and availability of articles on the retail sales floor is crucial; it determines whether a sale is made or the opportunity to offer a customer an item that he or she would like to buy is missed. This is a special challenge for fashion retailers as it is essential that the right items be a the right locations in order to prevent customer migration to competitors. To help in meeting this challenge, Detego is expanding its existing inventory management product to the store sales floor, stockroom and central warehouse thanks to additional functionality. The latest release provides store managers with analysis of turnover and relevant reports in realtime, allowing them to use this important information to optimally present merchandise.


Greater Focus on Retail Fashion in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Detego has already equipped several hundred single- brand retail vendors with its RFID-based software products to provide greater inventory transparency on the sales floor, in the stockroom and in the central warehouse. With Detego, inventory is tracked at item level Retailers with tagged items are thus positioned to automatically restock articles on the sales floor and provide customers with information about the availability of a desired piece of clothing in realtime. Detego thus meets the needs of retailers – increased sales per customer in the store along with the enhancement of customer loyalty.


Enso Detego in new fashion forward outfit helps customers to face the fashion industry’s digital challenges

Enso Detego GmbH (now Detego), a leader in intelligent article management solutions for the fashion industry, has just launched a complete rebrand of its company, including company name, logo, website and corporate video. Having built a strong reputation in the fashion industry over the last 30 months, Enso Detego has redefined its brand to emphasize how its software can give retailers a 360-degree view of their business.


Detego appoints new CEO

Enso Detego GmbH, a leader in RFID software products and solutions for the fashion industry, announced today that it has appointed Uwe Hennig as its new CEO.


Detego rolls out an international end-to-end RFID software solution at Marc O’Polo

Enso Detego GmbH, a leader in RFID software products and solutions for the fashion industry, has ushered in a new era for fashion retail by successfully implementing a full end-to-end RFID inventory management solution at Marc O’Polo’s 86 stores across Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands and France.


Detego presents its state-of-the-art RFID solution at the Fashion live! exhibit

Enso Detego GmbH, a leader in RFID software products for the fashion industry, demonstrates its solutions for increasing process efficiency at the newly opened GS1 Knowledge Center in Cologne. The global non-profit association GS1 is dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards to improve supply and demand chains and devoted to leading the development of RFID.