Detego offers smart software for fashion retail delivering predictive, real-time analysis and actionable insights into product range and customer behaviour. Our software provides for the most efficient store and omni-channel processes, and creates a unique shopping experience across all channels for retail customers

The Detego Suite gives full visibility into both the product range and customer needs across all channels in real-time. It connects online and offline retail as well as removing the IT silos that form in most organisations. In this way retailers secure a sound basis for all digitalisation strategies.

By providing relevant KPIs for fashion retail, predictive analysis and clear recommendations, Detego enables retailers to efficiently manage their business across all channels, and to offer a service-oriented shopping experience, thereby boosting sales.

Detego’s focus on the fashion industry combined with its retail expertise and innovation manifest in a core software offering that brings a clear competitive advantage to fashion retailers. Detego customers differentiate themselves through significantly improved services that connect consumers with their brand in impactful ways.