RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is changing retail. When deployed and utilised correctly, it can revolutionise supply chains and stores, and bring unparalleled levels of accuracy, efficiency and business intelligence.

Detego uses a deep understanding of retail to develop and deliver a highly innovative suite of RFID-based software products for the retail industry. Detego’s platform exists to unlock and maximise the benefits of RFID, including real-time inventory visbility, superior process efficiency, improved customer experience and much more.

Built for purpose, flexibility and user experience in mind, retailers can utilise Detego’s software to maximise the benefits provided by RFID technology. Detego’s modular platform covers everything from the factory to distribution centres, stores and even consumer engagement in the store. By doing so, Detego can help retailers quickly and systematically unlock the power of RFID technology to seamlessly merge online and offline retailing.

The Detego platform is delivered as a modular SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution and is comprised of several features to manage factories, warehouses, stores and smart displays. Detego Store provides real-time article visibility on item-level for the store and stockroom and thereby increases on-shelf-availability. Detego Warehouse delivers inventory visibility in the central warehouse and over the entire supply chain. Real-time data analytics are translated into graphically appealing dashboards by Detego Reports, providing actionable insights and very clear and easy-to-use operational recommendations that enable better decisions. Detego Display actively support retailers in their consumer engagement strategies.

Detego's Story

Detego was founded in Graz, Austria in 2011 and has since then opened its headquarters in London, UK and an additional office in Moscow, Russia. As part of its expansion strategy, Detego is opening new offices and seeking to develop a strong global network of partners to enhance Detego’s market offering, bring additional value to customers and widen its reach.

Detego’s proven experience and methodologies are continuing to pioneer the future of retail with RFID and IoT technology, revolutionising retail processes and making the shopping experience more connected and streamlined than ever. The cloud-hosted Detego platform is provided as a modular SaaS solution allowing retailers to start small and rapidly scale across their store networks and supply chain.

Why Detego?

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