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Smart Fitting Rooms, Chatbots and innovative new experiences

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Active consumer engagement through the intelligent connection of e-commerce and stores

The unified shopping experience across all channels is the declared motto of omni-channel retailing. But how do fashion retailers ensure they meet the needs of their customers? And what changes are required in the store and online channel?

Detego puts the customer in focus

Customers do not distinguish between web shops, stores, franchise partners or external e-commerce platforms – customers just shop! The synchronisation across all online platforms and all brick-and-mortar stores provides a consistent offering. This begins with an overall view on stocks in all channels and ends with perfect customer service. The omni-channel customer expects self-service when it comes to checking the availability of articles as well as online reservations that later can be picked up at their preferred store (click & collect). In most cases, visiting a brick-and-mortar store involves intensive online-research beforehand. Therefore, customers are well-informed when entering a store and expect the same from the sales personnel. IT-based customer service enables a better dialogue with customers, which simplifies cross-selling opportunities so that sales staff can sell more articles and build up a long-lasting customer-company relationship.

Innovative forms of consumer engagement also contribute to an increase in sales for brick-and-mortar retail.

Smart Fitting Room supports purchase decisions digitally.

The Smart Fitting Room connects both worlds

Brick-and-mortar retail is generally good at providing an emotional shopping experience, individual advice and exceptional customer service. With the Smart Fitting Room, retailers get another powerful sales tool that combines the advantages of the classical POS with those of the world of e-commerce. As a result, customers are able to experience the same features and functionalities that they know well from online shopping.

The intelligent fitting room convinces customers with numerous features:

  • Check article availability in real-time
  • Show different product variations (sizes, colours, styles)
  • Product recommendations in the fitting room
  • Call sales personnel or get the desired article without leaving the fitting room (call-to-assist)
  • Show full product range (endless aisle)
  • Make reservations in other stores
  • Offer different delivery options
  • Make your own product recommendations (Social Media)
  • Connect with customers via smartphones

High quality service where buying decisions actually take place

Detego Display helps retailers identify customer preferences and shows how to present merchandise in the best possible way so that the fitting room becomes the place for positive purchase decisions.

Knowing what the customer actually wants

Retailers quickly realise the potential for up- and cross selling opportunities offered by the Smart Fitting Room application. It means being able to drive the digital transformation in the store using modern forms of communication between customers and the sales personnel. The Smart Fitting Room represents a powerful tool for increasing customer loyalty, especially for youth orientated brands targeted at the smartphone generation.

With the Smart Fitting Room, smaller stores in premium locations are able to show their full product range virtually without physically exhibiting every article – triggering extra sales.

In addition, the Smart Fitting Room provides valuable data: for example what articles are often tried-on but rarely bought. Knowing your customer’s preferences increases your “operational excellence” with the effect of offering exactly what your customers want. Futhermore, analysis shows the potential for merchandise opimisation – and all that in real-time.

The new form of customer dialogue: Instant Messaging

Consumer engagement also means adapting to customers’ preferred forms of communication. Questions directed at sales personnel or a chatbot are already widely known in e-commerce – it can be enough and ideal for those customers who just want to have a look around and do not need too much individual sales advice.

Furthermore, mobile messenger services change the communication between customers and staff. Text messages inform customers, for example, if a sales person is still with another customer, but will be available immediately afterwards.

Sales assistants on the shopfloor can even be informed directly whether a customer wants to try on an article in a different size by using “push notifications”. Without the customer having to leave the fitting room, staff can bring the desired article to the customer for fitting.

That’s certainly customer service at its highest level.

Detego InChannels from the perspective of…

Chief Digital Officers, Omnichannel Directors and Store Managers benefit from Detego InChannels

For your digitalisation strategies

  • Serve digital customers in the store according to their wants and needs
  • Realise competitive advantages
  • Higher service quality due to IT-supported sales personnel
  • Digital store insights

”The customer was always king – however, the omni-channel customer tops this by putting on a crown. That is a totally new development. Fashion retailers have to adapt their store processes to the expectations of this new, digital customer. With in-store technologies that support retailers in the complex undertaking of consumer engagement they are well prepared for this customer.”

More precise and smarter product recommendations

”Consumer engagement” in the store aims to provide the customer with even more services and to build up a long-term relationship where customers can relate with the brand. For this purpose, brick-and-mortar retail use product recommendations which are widely known from e-commerce; but with one difference: the functionality is even more precise and intelligent.

The place to make product recommendations in the store is definitely the fitting room. In the fitting room, a customer’s article preferences are identified by RFID readers when entering and then appropriate additional items or accessories can be recommended in real-time and displayed on a screen.

Only recommend what is actually available

Detego Display gives distinct advantages over current web shop recommendations in that article availability on the sales floor (and others stores) is actually taken into account in real-time, which means they’re a lot more reliable . Therefore you can be sure the recommended articles are available directly in the store and in the right size – the customer can really rely on this information.

The disregarding of article availability and size considerations when making product recommendations is a huge shortcoming in a lot of web shops. Inevitably, the customer is disappointed if recommendations are not suitable or not available/deliverable.

Detego Smart Fitting Room Display
Fitting Room Assistance

Not just an empty marketing promise, but intelligent algorithms

Detego Display is actively assisting retailers in selling and optimising margins, as it takes age structures of articles on the sales floor into account when making product recommendations and pushes the sale of the current collection. In addition, conversion rates – that are continuously adapted to consumer behaviour – of certain articles or group of articles are also taken into consideration for the selection of recommended articles. Furthermore, Detego Display works with machine learning algorithms, which derive useful and effective recommendations from a large pool of data exploiting the full potential of inventories.

The customer will appreciate this smarter way of making product recommendations. Nobody needs another leather jacket after having just chosen one; however, a shirt that goes with the jacket will be seen as a useful recommendation.

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