Full transparency along the entire supply chain

On-time and transparent delivery with zero complaints

Complete transparency for all items along your entire supply chains starts with item-level tagging at the tail end of the production process. At that point, Detego RFID-based identification is put to use, delivering consistent and continuous item detection during the transport process as well as in the warehouse and distribution centre. Complicated manual merchandise intake processes along with picking mistakes in terms of which goods are being sent out can thus be avoided while efficiency is considerably increased. Cost intensive return shipments from the stores or involved research into the status of individual orders no longer happen.

This means that at any time, you know where specific items can be found and you can provide accurate information about their delivery status.

Detego InWarehouse for shorter
time to market

Detego InWarehouse, a part of the Detego Suite, takes care of  item visibility in the warehouse and ensures a massive increase in transport speeds in  logistics. The software “follows” merchandise on an item level. In this way, the receipt of entire shipments of merchandise takes place completely automatically and at the single item level. In terms of distribution, the status of all pieces always remains transparent; cost-intensive delivery errors can thus be eliminated.

The textile warehouse software is capable of moving millions of pieces of clothing more quickly and without errors. In this way logistics service providers can better handle the delivery pressure of many collections from the manufacturer over the year and at the same time better match the tempo of their retail customers.

For retailers that provide end-customers with shipments via their webshops, Detego InWarehouse offers exactly the accuracy in webshop availability information that is expected by customers thanks to the real-time article transparency at the individual item level it provides. Historical data offers no real picture of the actual inventory.

Customer satisfaction starts with the warehouse.

No surprises:
Merchandise notifications for the store

Oftentimes the stores do not know what and when the ordered merchandise or promotional campaign merchandise coming from the central warehouse will actually reach the store. Preplanning and relatedly preparation for the presentation of the merchandise on the sales floor (merchandise planning implementation) ranges from difficult to impossible for the sales personnel. Merchandise might arrive at an inopportune time when no one has either the time to receive the merchandise or immediately move it to the sales floor.

Detego InWarehouse from the perspective of …

Logistics providers profit from Detego InWarehouse.

”Everyone says that RFID doesn’t pay off in the warehouse, we prove the opposite. We’ve experienced major success: Today we get the merchandise to the customer between 30 and 50 per cent faster than before due to the utilisation of the Detego solution, and we’ve accomplished this without additional costs for the customers. Such a reduction in the time to market is essential, especially in the fast-changing environment of the fashion industry, and does meet today’s customer requirements.”

Henrik Bugiel, Managing Director of NextLevel Logistics GmbH

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