Track your products from the manufacturer

Improve accuracy of shipments and traceability from the source, with RFID factory validation.

Detego Factory Software Application

A true end-to-end RFID solution

Detego’s factory solution is the first of its kind to bring RFID processes into retailers’ manufacturing facilities. With a range of features provided by Detego’s cloud-hosted RFID software, retailers can ensure that their factory shipments are validated on an item-level to prevent shipping errors and provide complete end-to-end traceability throughout the supply chain.



The Factory product currently works with selected handheld RFID readers and HDRCs (High Density Reading Chambers). Speak to our sales staff to find out more.

For use of handheld readers, Detego Factory is available as an android application. We also use HDRCs via a web application. This choice will be based on factory size.

Yes, we require Wi-Fi to enable cloud connection for a number of processes such as verifying credentials, fetching target lists and sending read events to Detego’s reporting portal.

This solution uses an open API integration to fetch target stock from the factory ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

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