Detego announces a new solution for managing the increasing number of eCommerce returns up to 90% faster, as retailers focus efforts to online channels

The ‘eCommerce returns’ solution, aimed at fashion and sportswear retailers already utilising RFID tags, will help achieve business continuity following the disruption from COVID-19.
London, UK, 25/03/2020 — Retail RFID software specialists, Detego, have announced a new solution to support retailers and help them maintain business continuity during the ongoing effects of COVID-19. The solution, available to retailers using RFID, will allow brands to adapt to the increased pressure on their DC / DTC operations as eCommerce becomes their [...]

COVID-19 & Retail: Current Challenges and Future Outlook

How will retail cope with the impact of coronavirus and how might it look different in the future because of it?
The Current Impact of COVID-19 on Retail Supply Chain Chaos Retail manufacturing and production have been heavily disrupted by COVID-19, particularly in China. In apparel and textiles, China is still the world's biggest exporter. Even apparel manufacturers based elsewhere are often reliant on textiles imported from China. China being hit by COVID-19 and having to [...]

Covid-19 Update

An update from the Detego team on our commitments to safetey and continued service throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
Sunday 15th March 2020 Dear colleagues and customers,   First and foremost, we hope this finds you well. The escalation of the COVID-19 global pandemic is concerning to us all, and our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this situation. It is a reminder that we have more than just a business [...]
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Money Mapping is a Visual Merchandising data goldmine, we explore how it works, and how artificial intelligence is making Money Mapping more accessible for retailers.
Smart Fitting Rooms are finally live in the retail market. So what exactly are they, what do they do, and what kind of value do they add to retail business?
A look at the food industry's key challenges and if (and how) RFID can solve them.
Meet Detego at EuroShop to see live demonstrations of our AI powered solutions
RFID isn’t just for big brands anymore - Here are 4 reasons why there’s never been a better time for small and medium sized retailers to take advantage of RFID technology.
British fashion retailer Reiss has implemented the Detego RFID platform in its 50 UK stores.
A case study about Reiss' UK roll-out of RFID with Detego
Retail software specialist, Detego, will showcase its RFID-powered solutions at ‘Retail’s Big Show’ on 12-14 January in New York, USA.
This year Santa Claus has revealed the secret to their success in delivering world-wide miracles: The Detego Platform.
How using AI automation with RFID data accuracy can unlock unseen value for retail
How using AI automation with RFID data accuracy can unlock unseen value for retail
Sustainability in fashion retail is gradually becoming one of the industry’s top priorities. But what does this means for the industry, and how can RFID be leveraged to help with this, particularly to improve the traceability of products?
Join Detego’s senior data scientist, Simon Walk, as he discusses the cutting-edge new uses and opportunities for retailers combining AI and RFID.
Refreshed American fashion brand opens its e-commerce site and first three retail stores in the Netherlands, utilising Detego’s RFID inventory software.
What does having a single stock view mean, why is it a necessity in modern retail and how do you achieve it?
Join us on the 13th of November for Europe's dedicated RFID conference and expo, where Detego will be presenting what's next for RFID in Retail.
Join us on the 16th of October in London as we take part in the UK's leading conference on the practical application of artificial intelligence in the retail industry
Is your technology investment one-sided when it comes to improving customer experience?
How Sainsbury's first cashierless store pilot teaches us a valuable lesson about improving convenience for retail customers.
This webinar covers the five most important needs identified by retailers, their effect on business and how RFID-based systems and processes can be applied to solve them.
A handy infographic explaining what makes RFID different, how it affects retail processes and the bottom line results it has on retail revenue
What is RFID, and what effect is it having on the retail landscape?
How RFID is making a big impact on customer experience by eliminating customer friction points
How digitising stock through the Internet of Things creates a more convenient and connected customer experience.
Digital stores are the stores of the future
Business Reporter and The Telegraph sits down with Detego's Executive Chairman, Kim Berknov
How brick and mortar stores can implement technology to bridge the gap between online and in-store retail to improve customer experience and drive sales.
Detego takes RFID-based stock management to the next level with advanced localization capabilities.
Detego's new product recommender methodology to help bring cross-selling to the physical store
This article explores planograms, their challenges they present and how retails ongoing digital revolution along with artificial intelligence is changing planograms as we know them.
Read Raconteur's latest report: The Fashion Economy
We preview Future Stores, taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of May at Twickenham stadium.
Technological advancements mean the Beauty industry is finally ready to utilise individual item tagging
We recap the RetailEXPO 2019, including Detego’s presentation and our main impressions and insights from the event.
We explore the future of machine learning, with a focus on intelligent item recommendations and chatbots.
Improvements in RFID technology mean the cosmetics industry is ready to utilise item-level tagging
Visit Detego at the Discovery Zone booth 2A58 to see live demonstrations of our digital in-store solutions
Detego customer, Levi Strauss, discusses recent IPO and success with RFID
Detego takes RFID-based stock management to the next level with advanced localization capabilities.
Visit Detego at Hall 9, Booth #C04 to see live demonstrations of our digital in-store solutions
An overview of key themes, solutions and learnings from NRF 2019
Live demonstrations of Detego's solutions as part of an impressive booth setup at EuroCIS 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany
Schedule a meeting with our team at booth #3426 to see the latest digital in-store solutions
Detego to showcase their market leading tech at NRF 2019
How to boost sales based on optimal product availability
A case study about a record-breaking RFID-based in-store project.
How brick-and-mortar retail adapts to online standards.
How fashion stores leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to put the customer in focus of all activities.
Various IoT technologies as a way for retailers to realize the perfect customer relationship
Are there going to be more sales?
Consumer Engagement in the store
Consumer Engagement requires a proactive sales culture. As a result, the traditional set-up in today's fashion stores is changing; in regards to systems as well as sales personnel. So let us have a look into the new store.
The fitting room is the most important place in the entire store when it comes to purchase decisions being made
“Exactly what I want“
Detego’s software makes it easier for retailers to boost inventory accuracy and on-shelf availability to levels consistently above 98 percent
How a single stock view changes your entire store business.
Most retailers are aware of the advantages of RFID and want to constantly monitor the movement of goods
Fashion retailers, franchise partners and department stores are increasingly in need of real-time article transparency as well as analysis in the store
What added value fashion retailers offer their customers through chatbots.
Even with all the advances of the digital age, more than 80 percent of retail sales happen in bricks-and-mortar stores
Brand Stores, Franchise, Consessions and Webshop
Fashion Retailers Optimise Services and Connect to Customers through Data-Driven Insights Detego software on Intel® Responsive Retail Sensor powers intelligent article management and unified commerce.
Real-Time Analytics and Article Transparency. The Basis of Your Strategy.
A critical success factor for fashion retailers is to consistently align all processes and services within the company according to consumers’ requirements and to adapt quickly to change
How a customer-oriented IT can help retailers provide optimum service for their customers.
Detego’s pioneering Smart Fitting Rooms technology allow customers to directly communicate with store personnel via interactive screens in the fitting room
Fashion Retail and RFID
How the Smart Fitting Room revolutionises the shopping experience and at the same time provides retailers with important insights into customer preferences - a store highlight for customers and retailers alike. 
In response to today´s digital customers, fashion retail acts as a pioneer. That´s not surprising as omni-channel fashion shoppers are particularly active, digitally experimental and with high customer expectations. That´s why retailers must adapt their stores.
As a fast-growing retail software company that prides itself on its technological prowess, the advisors of Detego are a key element in our strategic planning and development
How to benefit from latest IoT technology and in-store analytics.
How Fashion Retailers successfully implement omni-channel services. A practice-oriented guide to build the right basis for efficient omni-channel retailing.
Detego responds to the request of many fashion retailers for specific recommendations and actions
Digitalization and customer-centricity remain at the heart of what most retailers are looking for today
Item-level stock management and visibility which means knowing exactly where an article is in real-time
The customer in focus
How to understand your customer needs to increase sales.
The cost of RFID tags has fallen so much over the last decade that most fashion retailers are now seeing the sense of item-level visibility and the more detailed analytics it supports
How fashion retailers can make use of the Internet of Things to provide a positive in-store shopping experience.
In-Store KPIs enable store optimisations – for enhanced customer service.
Detego InStore bridges the gap between online and offline retailing and allows fashion retailers to support their customers at every touchpoint
How to successfully implement efficient omni-channel retailing.
Combination of Digital Business Platform and Detego suite ensures seamless integration in all commercial retail systems / Improves merchandize inventory accuracy from industry average of 75% to 98% / Expedites transformation from retail store to digital showroom
Store Analytics for targeted customer services
How to build the basis for Omnichannel-Services
How store KPIs help to generate higher revenues
Fashion Retail and RFID – the perfect couple.
Pure-, cross-, multi- or omni-channel retailing...Retailers tend to get lost in their own buzz words and to lose sight of the most important aspect: What do customers actually want?
Measureable KPIs for more transparency.
Detego introduces InStore package with hands-free RFID readers, delivering new KPIs for in-store management, closing the gap between offline and online retail
Fashion retail strengthens itself with live data, reports and analyses for their omni-channel businesses.
Promising start-up with high innovative strength and growth potential in the fashion retail industry
Business intelligence meets cutting edge thought at retail insight event
Follow your Retail Future
powered by Detego, RioT Insight und Impinj
First fully integrated in-store merchandise visibility solution with fixed reader infrastructure in fashion retail
Software Products for Real-Time Inventory Oversight for the Store and Warehouse
Reliable analysis for targeted distribution and merchandise optimisation over the entire store network
Austrian firm offers next generation intelligent article management for the fashion industry
Quicker deliveries with Detego Suite in Textile Logistics
In-store solution on a monthly rental basis results in flexibility for store location expansion
Mr. Reisinger will oversee Detego’s finances from September, focusing on the strategy and organisation
Business Intelligence for Optimal Stocking of Retail Fashion Merchandise
Increased sales per customer in the store along with the enhancement of customer loyalty.
Rebranded "fashion forward" outfit emphasizes powerful strategy / Offering retailers a 360-degree view of their business / Enabling intelligent article management for the fashion industry / Visit DETEGO "on the catwalk" at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf and RBTE in London
Hennig takes office as the new CEO effective today
Premium modern casual wear brand Marc O’Polo has rolled out an Enso Detego end-to-end RFID inventory management solution
Enso Detego shows how modern RFID solutions can help meet the complex requirements of multichannel businesses