The Digital Store: Transforming Retail in 10 Simple Steps

Digital stores are the stores of the future
Transform your Store to Provide an Incomparable New Shopping Experience  Digital stores are the stores of the future. This is because these days, with both fierce competition from e-commerce and customers with more options and expectations than ever before, nothing should be left to chance. Because a positive visit to a store becomes an experience [...]

Video: More than RFID: Building the path to retail success

Business Reporter and The Telegraph sits down with Detego's Executive Chairman, Kim Berknov
The retail environment has never been more demanding than it is today, thanks to fierce competition, the growth of e-commerce, and consumers’ high expectations for seamless shopping experiences. It’s a situation made even more difficult by a lack of inventory visibility, the complexity of supply chains and the sheer variety of products retailers are faced [...]

Item Visibility: Getting the merchandise to where it’s needed most

Article where are you?
Just a moment, I have to check…   Making a great shopping experience can happen in seconds, but can also fail just as quickly. The customer who is ready to buy a desired article is often left standing in the aisle, being asked by the shop assistant to wait. He/she goes off to search for [...]
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