The Detego platform is a set of software products designed to help you with administration and stock management. Integrating with radio-frequency identification (RFID) hardware, Detego software digitises your traditional merchandise and stock management processes, making them more efficient and more accurate.

Retailers using Detego benefit from:

  • Optimised inventory visibility & product availability across all channels (omnichannel retailing)
  • Engaging customers in-store with Smart Fitting Rooms and Displays
  • Real-time recommendations powered by AI & machine learning analytics
  • A clear success path through our modular and scalable platform (1 to 1000+ stores)


Automate and improve receiving, picking/packing and shipping processes in factories and distribution centres with easy integration to all RFID hardware and warehouse management systems.

Detego Warehouse


Cloud-hosted mobile app which improves stock accuracy (99%), on-floor availability (98%), and omnichannel applications in physical stores.

Detego Store


Detego provides the software for consumer-centric experiences from within a fitting room, interactive display or a smartphone.

Detego Display


Take real-time information from complex algorithms and provide decision-makers with easy-to-use tools which help make practical use of your data.

Detego Reports

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