More than just pretty – AI-based planograms as a sales driver

How to boost sales based on optimal product availability.

This webinar discusses intelligent planograms and how they enable an individual size distribution for fashion retail stores and make sure that products are available on the sales floor in the appropriate sizes. It provide insights into how the self-learning system adapts to possibly changing conditions and continuously optimises the plan – with a direct impact on the store revenue.

Individual customers meet the digital, smart store

Are there going to be more sales?

The one-size-fits-all sales approach is outdated. In the store, intelligent systems are needed to provide the customer with a personalised experience. Key elements for this are individual and personalised recommendations from the current product range and simplified processes that give stores associates more time for the customers.

In this webinar you find out how “Data Driven Empowerment” activates cross-selling potential, increases the number of articles per receipt and finally leads to satisfied customers and happy retailers.

Single Stock View

How a single stock view changes your entire store business.

Due to lack of an overall stock view, retailers and in particular, their sales personnel are not able to provide customers with reliable information e.g. on article availability. This results in disappointed customers who eventually buy somewhere else, which in turn leads to an enormous loss of revenues for retailers.

Get new insights on how a single stock view significantly changes the fashion retail industry and what positive effects come with it.

Customer-Oriented IT Architecture

How a customer-oriented IT can help retailers provide optimum service for their customers.

Since most of the existing IT landscapes in the fashion retail industry by no means adequately support the objectives of an omni-channel strategy, customer centricity or digitalisation in the store, this webinar aims to shows how to set up IT landscapes in a customer- and future-oriented way, enabling to meet today’s consumers expectations, without completely changing the existing IT infrastructure.

Gain valuable insights into how fashion retailers can realise customer-oriented strategies with the introduction of an overall stock view in real-time across all systems.

Unlocking in-store insights and potential

How to benefit from latest IoT technology and in-store analytics.

When customers shop online for clothing, retailers are already offering a lot of value added services because they track and understand consumer’s interests as well as those of their peers, know the purchase history and more. In brick-and-mortar stores, the shopper is too often serviced like in the old days. Most of the great data-based services that the brand offers online cannot be experienced in the stores.

This webinar discusses how data-led insights and in-store KPIs are used to strategically redefine the store, to service the shopper on the same level as online retail and additionally are improving operational efficiency with real-time analytics.

New Collection of KPIs

How to understand your customer needs to increase sales.

In the eCommerce part of the business, there’s a lot that’s being evaluated and analysed as key performance indicators are needed to manage and control the business and to offer optimal customer service. But what about brick-and-mortar stores? Controlling and managing this important part of the business often relies on a mix of evaluations in Excel and looking at historical data and incomprehensible dashboards, not to mention gut feeling.

Analytics and control are part of the daily business of every web shop specialist. So it’s all the more surprising that brick-and-mortar retailers aren’t doing the same, especially given that the physical store still delivers most of the revenues, and that their customers’ wants and needs, as well as buying behaviours, are basically unknown. How enlightening it would be to actually get an overall picture of a customer’s online and offline shopping behaviour.

This webinar discusses how fashion retailers might counter this analytical imbalance between online and offline retailing.

Omni-Channel: From Myth to Master Plan

How to successfully implement efficient omni-channel retailing.

Today’s consumers expect a seamless shopping experience across all channels and omni-channel-services that really work. These expectations are too often not met by retailers, leading to customer disappointment and revealing the big gap between marketing promises and the omni-channel reality. In the high competitive fashion industry, the question is no longer whether retailers need to get ready for omni-channel, but when, in order not to lose customers but being able to offer them a positive customer experience across all channels.

This webinar reveals what steps are essential to implement and deliver cost-efficient and successful omni-channel services.

How RFID benefits Fashion Retail

Fashion Retail and RFID – the perfect couple.

Fashion Retail and RFID are a perfect fit which is proved by many major fashion retail chains that have already moved to in-store RFID with excellent results. RFID makes it possible to easily identify articles and have full merchandise visibility. Successful fashion retailers go one step further and use more of the hidden potential behind real-time article transparency, laying the foundation for overcoming their greatest strategic challenges, among them omni-channel and digitalisation.

This webinar provides insights how international fashion retailers are laying the right foundation for their successful strategies, and how they use RFID as a base to differentiate in the extremely competitive segment of fashion retail.

Real-time analytics in the store

Measureable KPIs for more transparency.

It is bizarre: Fashion retailers operating in the omni-channel environment evaluate several dashboards daily, which provide detailed information on their web shops. Information on conversion rates, popular cross-selling offers and cart abandonments… There is absolutely nothing which is not evaluated regarding customer behaviour in relation to the product range. However, where the actual sales takes place, namely in the store, almost nothing is being analysed. Although, it is possible to make comparable KPIs measureable.

Find out how to get analytical transparency across all channels, also in the store by watching this webinar.