Fashion Retail Transformation @ Intel’s IoT Ignition Lab London

On October 25th, the event “Fashion Retail Transformation – Connected Reality and how the Internet of Things is changing Fashion Retail” powered by Detego took place in the premises of Intel’s IoT Ignition Lab London.

Participants from the fashion retail industry gathered to gain new insights on how retailers can embrace and benefit from the connected reality. The guests of the event enjoyed presentations by adidas,  Intel,  SAP and Detego unveiling the transformational potential of IoT in retail. The speakers presented how data-led insights are used to strategically redefine the store, to improve operations as well as to offer a better in-store experience for customers.

Showcases presented in Intel’s IoT Ignition Lab gave participants the opportunity to engage with latest in-store technologies and to see how embedded sensors and real-time analytics are changing the way retailers manage merchandise and learn about their customers.

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