Omni-Channel Summit 2017

The Omni-Channel Summit 2017 took place on February 8th in the premises of the Cavendish Conference Centre in London.

This interactive and retailer-led conference is designed for both, those brands that aim to become omni-channel retailers as well as established omni-channel retailers who want to become more profitable and increase revenues.

Uwe Hennig, CEO at Detego, joined the Omni-Channel Summit with his presentation “How IoT and in-store analytics are paving the way for efficient omni-channel retailing”, giving retailers the opportunity to gain new insights on how an effective and integrated omni-channel strategy might be implemented using IoT-technologies for improved store processes and better consumer engagement. He also demonstrated how successful retailers are using in-store analytics and KPIs to bridge the gap between online & offline and will share how self-learning systems and predictive analytics represent the future of fashion retail.

The event provided excellent networking opportunities and the chance to actively ask present omni-channel experts questions on the topic of omni-channel and how to overcome the imbalance of online and offline retailing.

A short video can be found here.

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