Reliable analysis for targeted distribution and merchandise optimisation over the entire store network

Detego InReports provides active inventory oversight for multi-channel fashion retailers

Intelligent article management software Detego has today released a real-time analysis tool for fashion retailers—Detego InReports. This tool brings a new analysis platform that can coordinate the demands of the sales floor and logistics chain, helping retailers access current information such as the merchandise inventory and availability of items on the sales floor.

With bricks-and-mortar fashion retailers competing with online stores, retailers are forced to keep up with the pace set by customers, which means that product line management is essential. Detego recognises that the multi-channel strategy necessitates transparency, targeted merchandise distribution and increased merchandise availability, and is able to solve these issues using their new InReports technology.

Michael Goller PhD, CTO of Detego notes: “We developed Detego InReports as a tool for our customers so they can be better equipped for the ever more dynamic market and the growing demands of it. More than anything else, retailers with a network of several hundred stores need transparency and data that they can depend on in order to be able to react quickly. Detego InReports enables retailers to have this information at their fingertips”.

Increase Sales, Reduce Inventory, Manage Stores

Detego InReports analyses the crucial key performance indicators of individual locations, including merchandise inventory and availability, in addition to the time spent on the sales floor), making it possible to effectively assess and analyse the performance of individual stores. The high quality of the information on hand allows for more precise management of the flow of merchandise, as well as a reduction in the in-stock inventory kept available in all channels and loss prevention. This results in a simpler way to better adapt what is on offer to customers, and subsequently improving the profitability of stores. Detego offers textile retailers a faster way to react to market changes and trends that is based on overall inventory transparency, which translates to increased merchandise turnover and sales volume.