Detego introduces InStore package with hands-free RFID readers, delivering new KPIs for in-store management, closing the gap between offline and online retail

Detego In-Store for RFID fixed-reader infrastructure opens up new opportunities for fashion retailers

Detego, the market leader in real time business intelligence for fashion retail, is the first vendor to offer in-store software that provides out-of-the-box support for fixed RFID readers.
Removing the need for store assistants to manually scan using handheld RFID readers, the hands-free reader system with Detego InStore creates complete inventory transparency and near 100% inventory accuracy and provides completely new insights into the in-store business. The implementation of Detego InStore and state-of-the art, hands-free RFID technologies enables fashion retailers to both automatise processes and reduce administrative duties, freeing staff to focus on customer service. In combination with increased inventory transparency, this leads to an enhanced shopping experience and a higher sales conversion rate. For retailers looking to implement an omnichannel strategy, Detego InStore and fixed reader infrastructure lays the right foundation through constant real-time transparency on item level.

Retail digitalisation and omnichannel strategies put a burden of transparency on merchandise flow and efficient channel coordination. Detego InStore with fixed reader infrastructure enables fashion retailers to automatically collect data from their entire range of articles in real-time with no scanning needed. This provides them with a reliable inventory and transparency without human intervention, meaning high quality data at a low operational expense.

The implementation of fixed reader infrastructure and real-time analytics opens up completely new opportunities for fashion retailers to gain deeper insights into their in-store operations and how to actively manage them. Through constant transparency of the flow of goods, a retailer can analyse the movement of products in-store, revealing insights such as which items are most frequently tried-on and subsequently bought; or those which never make it to the fitting room or Point of Sale. This analysis helps to avoid out-of-stock situations and enables fashion retailers to optimise their offerings and product presentation for higher revenue generation.

The RFID-based Detego Suite for real-time analytics and article transparency is already successfully in use by many leading fashion retailers. For Detego InStore with fixed reader infrastructure, Detego provides a competitive fixed monthly rate, including the hardware and software as a complete package, allowing customers to benefit from measurement and analysis of customer behaviour at a low cost.

Uwe Hennig, CEO of Detego, commented: “In today´s world of omnichannel retailing, article accuracy across all systems is no longer optional. RFID applications in fashion retail have already proven their business benefits. Fixed ceiling readers have now reached a level of technical sophistication and price point that allows for constant and fully automated stocktaking on the sales floor. We are glad to be the first software provider to offer in-store software for fixed readers for the fashion retail market. Successful customer implementations of this software have proven that hands-free reader infrastructure and real-time analytics open up completely new possibilities for managing and optimising in-store operations.”