Combination of Digital Business Platform and Detego suite ensures seamless integration in all commercial retail systems / Improves merchandize inventory accuracy from industry average of 75% to 98% / Expedites transformation from retail store to digital showroom

Software AG Partners with Detego to Offer Retailers Item-Level Merchandize Location, Visibility and Analytics in Real-time

Detego, a provider of business intelligence for the highly-competitive fashion industry, announced today that the company is partnering with Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW), to provide retailers with the ability to seamlessly incorporate real-time analytics and merchandise visibility at the item-level, enable retailers to interact with their customers and bring them on innovative ‘digital’ journeys, and transform their businesses without the need to replace their existing technology infrastructure.

The Detego suite provides granular insights into a retailers inventory, including real-time, item-level location (in the store, backroom and warehouse), a hands-free RFID system, comprehensive analytics and reporting. Software AG’s Digital Business Platform provides the “Integration glue’ to easily incorporate the Detego suite with their ERP and CRM systems, as well as their overall IT infrastructure.

Oliver Guy, retail industry director, Software AG said: “Digital transformation is a disruptive force that helps retailers become significantly more competitive and remain healthier for the long term as rapid change obliterates traditional business methods. By connecting to, and orchestrating across, a retailers’ IT ecosystem, the combined solution of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform and the Detego suite introduces an entirely fresh way to interact with customers, to promote unique value propositions, and to go to market in diverse and exciting ways.”

Detego enables fashion retailers to leverage one of their greatest investments – their brick and mortar stores – by transforming them into omni-channel hubs. Partnering with Software AG enables Detego to set a new benchmark in rapid and cost-efficient deployment of in-store software.

Uwe Hennig, chief executive officer, Detego, said: “Retailers around the globe are striving to create an omni-channel shopping experience. We are delighted to be working with Software AG by providing powerful new capabilities that evolve existing business models and design innovative omni-channel experiences, optimize legacy retail systems, and will generate new revenue streams. Time, cost and investment protection are key factors for fashion retailers when implementing digital store and omni-channel strategies.”

Software AG helps many retailers with their omni-channel strategies. Understanding inventory across the business is a first step towards being able to fulfill customer promises in an omni-channel environment. Without it, excess inventory and missed orders can result.

Oliver Guy also noted: “Importantly, digital transformation is more than an IT upgrade or add-on; it’s a completely different way to think and achieve things. Software AG understands this and introduced the Digital Business Platform to enable this digital transformation from retail store to digital showroom. And, since retailers must be able to connect to different, disparate merchandize and ecommerce systems from multiple technology vendors, Software AG offers a vendor agnostic approach to system integration. This means there is no vendor lock-in or lock-out to worry about.”

The combined Detego/Software AG solution is available on Software AG’s Digital Marketplace – a one-stop shop for digitalization solutions and development essentials from Software AG, its partners and customers.

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