Digitalization and customer-centricity remain at the heart of what most retailers are looking for today

Detego showcases new IoT and AI solutions for retailers at NRF

Retail software vendor, Detego, will be showcasing a range of IoT and Artificial Intelligence solutions for retailers at NRF, the world’s largest retail industry show, taking place from January 15th to 17th in New York. Detego has been helping a number of global fashion and sportswear brands to get the most out of using RFID and smart devices for achieving near 100 percent inventory accuracy. This has included some pioneering projects involving digital fitting rooms and interactive screens where customers can simply click on a button to automatically request staff bring different sizes or styles without having to return to the shopfloor.

Detego’s predictive, real-time analytics software into merchandise flow and consumer shopping behavior is part of the Intel® Retail Sensor Platform ecosystem, a fixed-reader system that continually tracks and monitors the movement of goods around a store.

Detego will be a co-exhibitor on Intel’s booth (number 3125). Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich is a keynote speaker at the NRF conference, being joined by Levis Strauss to talk about how data and smart connected technologies deliver a more personalized shopping experience for customers.

Underpinning many retail industry advances, data increasingly pushes the customer experience to new levels and helps deliver brand loyalty. IoT solutions, like the Detego Suite for real-time analytics in combination with Intel´s Retail Sensor platform, help deliver omni-channel services at any time using the fewest resources possible. This brings consumer demand to the forefront and ensures retailers have the right articles available at the right place and the right time.

The joint Intel-Detego Smart Fitting Room showcase will demonstrate some of the latest retail IoT technologies and show how embedded sensors and real-time analytics are changing the way retailers manage merchandise and learn more about their customers. For instance, Detego is the first company to offer retailers detailed information on fitting room sales-conversation rates by tracking which articles get tried on a lot, but often don’t get bought (possibly because of a poor fit).

“Digitalization and customer-centricity remain at the heart of what most retailers are looking for today, technology wise, with the always-on consumer still very much in the driving seat,” says Uwe Hennig, CEO of Detego. “Shoppers decide when, where and how they’d most like to shop, but many retailers have been slow to adapt to a digitally connected age.”

Hennig says that retailers over the next few years are likely to opt for software applications that deliver real added-value with regards to analysis, efficiency and customer centricity, including actionable insights that put the consumer in focus, such as how to reduce out-of-stocks or guarantee faster deliveries.

“These days, retailers prefer to pay for software as and when required, on a rapid deployment, cost per usage basis,” concludes Hennig. “With the Detego Suite, fashion retailers can transform the in-store shopping experience and use data-driven recommendations to optimize the entire customer journey from online to store.”