Customer, please stay!

How you retain customers in the store

The Art of Retaining the Customers in the Store

Customers are lost with just one single click, if the service in the web shop is not satisfying. That can happen just as fast in the bricks-and-mortar store.

What are the reasons why customers might leave a store?

  • Advertised merchandise or articles in the desired size cannot be found
  • Sales personnel cannot provide information about a desired article
  • Empty spaces on the shelves are disappointing and violate the brand promise
  • Customers get to hear another “unfortunately we’ve run out”
  • The click & collect offer does not work

However, it is very easy to keep the customers in the store, to sell more and build up customer loyalty. Here’s how:

  • The sales personnel is able to provide the customer with information about a product at anytime
  • Additional products based on the customer’s choice of articles can be recommended
  • No empty spaces on shelves thanks to an early notification system (i.e. automatic replenishment)
  • Real-time article transparency shows where the article is available, and it can also be sent to the customer’s home address if requested
  • Click & collect services work seamlessly
  • Personnel are notified about the arrival of merchandise, and the sales floor is prepared accordingly
  • Received merchandise is completely checked-in and immediately makes its way to the appropriate location within the store

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