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‘The Fashion Economy’ – Report

Raconteur’s latest business report explores the modern landscape of the fashion industry, in particular, its current main issues and concerns. Chief amongst these is the issue of sustainability. It is approached and analysed from multiple angles in the report, including a piece from our partners Avery Denison on the use of RFID-enabled supply chain visibility to create a sustainable circular economy.  Elsewhere the report also goes into the sustainability of the current returns culture and how retailers are struggling to manage.

Our highlight is a thought-provoking article on how the fashion supply chain requires a tech makeover. It describes how the fashion supply chain has waned under the pressure of its growing complexity, and digital technology has the capacity to alleviate these issues, yet due to a ‘culture of resistance’, retailers are reluctant to embrace technology as a way to solve the issue. Although we see a number of these issues identified in the article, there doesn’t appear to be too  much direction on how to solve them. The article does, however, highlight how the current growth in the market is dominated by companies developing on the back of newer technologies such as AI and the cloud. Luckily at Detego, we combine these technologies with RFID to supply retailers with the real-time data required to successfully optimise modern supply chains.

Find out about all of this and more by downloading the report below:

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The Detego Platform enables fashion retailers to reinvent their physical stores and supply chains with intelligent stock management, item-level transparency and innovative methods of consumer engagement in stores.


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