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Flexible renting instead of buying

When Renting is More Attractive than Buying

Imagine being able to simply rent what you need for customer satisfaction instead of buying:

  • In-store software for your branch network
  • Mobile hardware for article scanning
  • RFID readers (Fixed Reader Infrastructure)
  • Smart Fitting Room technology
  • Black Friday infrastructure (temporary)
  • Updates and services

Makes economic sense

From an economic point of view, instead of buying, renting is a reasonable option since you can retain the operational flexibility of your retail business. You can either “connect” individual store-services with a complete in-store solution for a newly opened store; or quickly “disconnect” it when the store needs to be closed down, without any long-term related costs.

Related expenditures can be booked as OPEX (Operational Expenses), rather than CAPEX (Capital Expenses) that represent investments which can put a heavy burden on the balance sheet.

Of course, software investments should be agile and should allow you to easily adapt to any given circumstances with regards to your store business.

Mainstream software providers like Microsoft lead the way with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) models like Office 365: Buying is out, renting is in!

Custom Fit: Managed Services

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Managed services can be independently assembled and are flexible in terms of timeframes – either for a temporary, or long-term implementation.

In the following, you will find some examples of how some of our customers benefit:

  • 24 hours “Black-Friday” infrastructure (temporary)
  • Real-time analysis of store performance (one-off, within a campaign period)
  • Real-time article transparency across entire store network (e.g. for 60 months)
  • Smart Fitting Room technology
  • Fixed Reader Infrastructure. Definition of zones in stores

An individually defined managed service does not have to consist solely of software. It may also include the necessary hardware (e.g. RFID readers) which can be rented as a bundle. We will take charge of the technical coordination of all components and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Taking measure for the perfect fit

When financing your in-store solution, first we see what best fits your needs in order to get the perfect match for your store as well as your operations.

And what fits best for you?

  • Flexible times: 36, 48 or 60 months
  • Software components for a fixed monthly fee: one or more Detego products
  • Hardware components: number and type of readers. Replacing outdated devices during rental period
  • Definition of zones in the store via Fixed Reader Infrastructure at a fixed price per m2
  • Smart Fitting Room technology
  • Different service components

How does this fit into your IT landscape?

We work with leading cloud-providers to ensure our software is:

  • highly available
  • highly scalable
  • secure
  • and as cost-effective as possible

This, on the one hand, minimises the IT infrastructure in the stores as well as any associated costs, while on the other hand, provides the highest level of flexibility to meet the dynamics of your store business.

Our team ensures that infrastructure and software is available at all times, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your business and your customers.

The connection of stores with restricted Internet connectivity is also represented by our hybrid architecture. Another advantage is that you always receive updates and further developments of our software, in order to stay up-to-date and benefit from new functions and possibilities.

Cloud and the protection of your data

Despite all the benefits of cloud computing, there are nonetheless some concerns about security that need to be overcome. This is why we ensure that your data is always transmitted in an encrypted form – using the latest state-of-the-art technology – and stored securely and redundantly.

Backup and fail-over mechanisms ensure that your operating business can continue without interruption in the event of a system failure.

Data Ownership

Would you rather continue being the master of your (virtual) infrastructure and your data?

No problem – our solution can also be operated on-premise, i.e. using your own infrastructure (e.g. your own data centre).

Customised – for you and your specific requirements.

Managed Services – how does it work?

An important part of our offer is our service & support. From experience, we know that in daily operations, questions – and sometimes even new challenges – may arise. Our service organisation is available to assist you in these matters. 24 hours a day. Every day.

Proof-of-Concept in Pilot Store

Test an individual rental model in a pilot store and find out how we can jointly increase your article availability and offer your customers a new shopping experience.

Our fashion retail customers appreciate this offer of a proof-of-concept. It means they can get relevant data for the decision-making process before they scale the rental model across their entire store network.

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