Store Analytics for targeted customer services

IoT in Fashion Retail

In the web store, fashion retailers are able to track the purchasing preferences of their customers, as well as how they navigate through the product range, or which articles they are interested in and how long they engage with specific items. All this accumulated data can be evaluated and linked to individual customer and purchasing profiles. As a result, fashion retailers know their customers and are able to address them individually according to their requirements.

And what about the physical stores?

After years of having basically no idea what customers actually want, the Internet of Things now provides the opportunity to gain new in-store insights through data generated by smart objects – e.g. RFID labelled garments – and how shoppers interact with them. Combined with real-time analytics, this newly acquired data allows fashion retailers to learn more about their customers and to consequently improve the customer journey with better services in their physical stores.

IoT – opportunities for fashion retailers

Customer Experience

  • Improved digital shopping experience in the store via various interaction options
  • Real-time information in order to keep promises made to customers
  • Increased customer satisfaction through high levels of article availability


Store Management

  • High data accuracy in all systems for better decision-making
  • Less discounting – more items sold at full price
  • Digital shopping experience creates a competitive advantage



  • Reduced logistics costs and administration
  • Increased control of entire supply chain, supplier rating

IoT – opportunities for consumers

  • Article availability checks at the item-level (across all stores and web shop)
  • Direct reservation options
  • Retrieving delivery options
  • Direct interaction with either the fashion retailer and/ or the logistics company (during delivery)
  • Checking item combinations in the fitting room (without the need to actually try them on; options to choose desired delivery location, or items are directly brought to the fitting room)
  • Simplified returning process using 24/7 packing stations

Want to experience IoT in retail?

We would like to show you how the Internet of Things helps fashion retailers improve business processes, obtain relevant data and information as a basis for decision-making and for providing a better shopping experience for customers.

We’d be happy to take you on a tour of the Intel IoT Ignition Lab in London, where the technology can be witnessed first-hand.

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