No time for customers

I’ll be right with you…

Did you know that on average a sales assistant in a fashion shop only spends 30% of his or her time on customer sales advice and 70% on administrative activities? He or she compares delivery notes with order lists, tries to get new merchandise on the sales floor as soon as possible and arranges returns for incorrectly supplied articles. Moreover he or she searches for items in the store, the backstore and the shop window. There’s only little time remaining for the customer.

More time for the customer

Detego Suite reverses this model: 70% of the time is spent with the customer and only 30% for administrative duties. The shop assistant’s time is freed up by an acceleration in incoming goods processing.  Boxes do not even have to be opened in order to identify the complete merchandise delivered. Accurate goods receipt prevents that wrongly delivered goods need to be returned. Permanent inventory provides an entire view on the complete inventory – in real time. Due to automated replenishment recommendations, the manual inspection of the inventory in the store is no longer required. Thanks to the system NOS-items are always on the shop floor. Early warning systems prevent out-of-stock situations. The store is always ready for customers. The store personnel can devote itself entirely to the customer.

Stores benefit greatly from improved customer service

  • Move your sales personnel closer to the customers
  • Enable cross-selling potential through proficient salespersons
  • Free your store personnel of administrative duties
  • Accelerate the goods receipt process