How to build the basis for Omnichannel-Services


Omni-channel is currently the biggest challenge that the fashion retail industry faces. According to a recent study, more than two thirds of customers long for a consistent shopping experience without any limits, but only 10 percent of fashion retailers can deliver on these expectations. Too often, online retail is seen as a rival to the physical stores. Customers, however, request a genuine link between online channels and brick-and-mortar stores, for click-and-collect services that work, for fast ship-from-store processes and for a consistent brand and shopping experience. ­

How can omni-channel work? For retailers and customers?

The requested omnichannel services only work smoothly and efficiently when the right basis exists:

  • Article Availability: reliable article availability information
  • Click-and-Collect: reservations in favoured store in real-time
  • Instore-Ordering: enable in-store orders connecting all channels
  • Return-to-Store: return online-ordered articles in the store
  • Ship-from-store: avoid single picking in the DC and make use of store stock

Basis for successful omni-channel services

Detego, focusing on fashion retail processes, supports you in laying the basis for successful omni-channel services. Only with a transparent, real-time view on store and online inventories, retailers can deliver on the omni-channel promise and don’t disappoint their customers.

  • Securing inventory visibility at any store at any time
  • Make online inventories available in all stores
  • Notify store personnel about click-and-reserve orders via alerts
  • Flag reserved articles and remove them from available store stock or add them to store stock if not picked up
  • Ship articles directly from the store
  • Add online-ordered articles to available store stock after returned in stores
  • Connect online and offline channels through in-store ordering

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