The Real Time Decision

Only real-time data leads to the right decisions

Analyse. Decide. Lead.

The right article, at the right place with real-time data

Anyone who works in fashion retail should be confident in their style and be fashion conscious. Nevertheless, people responsible for the store and likewise those responsible for the entire network of stores need to bring an entirely additional skillset to the table.

They have to be able to make the right decisions in managing either a single store or several hundreds of stores, including the management of inventories; e.g. the right clothing sizes need to be distributed to the different stores in a targeted manner to meet consumers’ demands and achieve good sales results.

Good business is never about gut feelings.
Therefore, base your decisions on a foundation of reliable data.

  • Distribute merchandise in a targeted way and optimise merchandise presentation over the entire network of stores
  • For multi-channel operations, actively manage inventory across channels
  • Quickly adapt to trends and location-specific demands
  • Optimise the performance of individual weaker stores and introduce corrective measures
  • Reduce expensive minimum inventory levels
  • Avoid margin reduction related to outlet sales
  • Automate replenishment
  • Know the aging structure of your articles
  • Optimise your merchandise presentation
  • Synchronise information between merchandising planners and logistics

Detego InReports –
A Real-Time Analysis Tool

Detego InReports analyses the real-time inventory in the store, back-room and shop window along with the aging structure (time on the sales floor) and interprets customer cluster data, for example in terms of sizes and colours sold per geographical region. Complex algorithms are translated into graphically appealing dashboards that provide relevant operational recommendations for actions to take, which enables better decisions.

Increase Sales, Reduce Inventory, Manage Stores

With Detego InReports, fashion retailers can adapt more quickly to changes in the market as well as new trends thanks to an increased inventory transparency, resulting in an increase in turnover and sales. Furthermore, the quality of the gained information allows for more precise merchandise management – with reduced quantities held in stock, optimised processes as increased sales.

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