Detego InStore

Detego InStore

Exact inventories

For the two key success factors in the store, inventory accuracy and article availability, Detego offers you two variants: the quick start with the Detego InStore Lean Edition and one with more comprehensive features, which is the Detego InStore Full Edition.

Start with one or more selected stores and profit directly from the positive effects of inventory accuracy and article availability. Later, you can scale the solution either across your entire store network or even functionally to achieve more advantages.

Inventory Management

  • Article accuracy
  • Articles availability


  • Store Performance
  • Inventories

Predictive Analytics

  • Optimum inventory cycles bases on AI algorithms


  • Open APIs

Hostting Model

  • SaaS – Hosted & Fully Managed

All functionalities of the Lean Edition plus:

Efficient Processes

  • Support for all processes in the store to increase efficiency


  • Click & Collect, Return-toStore, Ship-from-store etc.

Comprehensive Analytics Functionalities

  • Article accuracy and article availability on the sales floor
  • Stock Performance: Comparison, benchmarking and clustering
  • Replenishment performance
  • Aging structure of articles
  • Detailed “Track & Trace” at item-level

Various Deployment Models:

  • Hosted-, managed services, on-premises or hybrid

Scalability in all directions

With the Detego InStore Lean Edition, you can immediately profit from inventory accuracy and article availability on the sales floor.

Once this step is done, retailers have the choice whether or not to use more functionalities. These functionalities can be implemented right away or later if needed. Omni-channel services such as click&collect, return-to-store and ship-from-store as well as a more efficient store management using analytics are realised with the Detego InStore Full Edition.

An upgrade from the Detego InStore Lean Edition to the Detego InStore Full Edition is a smooth transitional process.

The Detego InStore Full Edition also allows retailers to choose from different hosting models – resource friendly, reliable and caters to a retailer’s actual business requirements.