A case study about a record-breaking RFID-based in-store project.

adidas and Detego: Store performance at its best

An extraordinary four-month project sprint for 500 adidas stores in Russia has been successfully completed. The goal: Boost store KPIs such as inventory accuracy, article availability and consumer service to the highest levels. The means to achieve that: Extremely fast, error-free stock taking of 45 million articles per year through real-time in-store processes that are more efficient and intuitively managed, using decision-relevant analytics. The end-to-end integration was accomplished in just four months. The interdisciplinary project team consisted of business, IT, logistics and retail experts coming from five different countries – all working together across ten different time zones. The result: 99% inventory accuracy and the highest on-floor availability that adidas wanted for its stores. The winner: The adidas end customer.

The future? Athletic.

adidas and Detego are entering the next round. More than 500 stores are live in Russia and an additional 90 stores are planned. Currently, the teams are working on replicating this success in other markets.

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