Join us on the 13th of November for Europe's dedicated RFID conference and expo, where Detego will be presenting what's next for RFID in Retail.

Event Preview: RFID Journal Live! Europe

RFID Journal Live! Europe – Key details:

13 November 2019

etc.venues County Hall – London





RFID Journal LIVE! Europe is the perfect event for businesses and professionals who are looking to learn more about RFID technology and how it can affect processes, boost sales and cut costs. Hear from the leading early adopters, who will talk objectively about how RFID can, and can’t, help your company improve the way it does business.

Learn from detailed and objective case studies, presented by end-users from various industries. Gain a broad understanding of where your competitors are on the adoption curve—and where your industry is headed, and network with early adopter and thought leaders in the industry, and find out what RFID can do for you.

Presentation: What’s Next for RFID in Retail?

The benefits which RFID can bring to the retail industry are no secret, as new use cases, cost reductions and knowledge of the technology have all reached a sweet spot to ensure sustainable success for retailers. Whilst many are happy with the improved inventory visibility and efficiencies in stores, others are pushing development to discover what more can be done to unlock the power of RFID in retail, from the factory all the way to the customer.

Join Luke Sinclair, Detego’s marketing manager, as he offers insight into how the global SaaS provider is pushing the boundaries of what this technology can do in retail, and the many ways in which retailers can continue to surprise and delight their customers, whether it be in the shadows or out in the spotlight.

Detego’s presentation: ‘Unlocking the potential of RFID’

Who should attend RFID Journal live?

Among those who will benefit from attending RFID Journal LIVE! Europe are:

  • Business executives
  • Financial executives 
  • Operations professionals 
  • IT professionals 
  • Compliance officers

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