RFID retail specialists, Detego, have announced a new solution for fashion and sportswear retailers to improve the accuracy of factory shipments

Detego launches new RFID factory solution to provide complete supply chain visibility

London, UK, 20/04/2020 — Detego, a market leader for RFID software solutions for fashion & sports retailers, has announced their new factory solution which ensures that factory shipments are validated on an item-level to prevent shipping errors and provide complete traceability throughout the supply chain. The cloud-hosted solution is part of Detego’s end-to-end RFID software platform which also includes leading products to manage warehouses, stores, smart displays and AI-powered analytics.

Detego developed the solution based on the growing demand for item-level inventory visibility throughout the supply chain, as more retailers continue to adopt RFID technology at the heart of their operations. Detego’s proven success with deployments of RFID software within fashion and sportswear retail stores and distribution centres has naturally continued upstream to the factory where there is a strong business case for traceability and accuracy of shipments. The factory solution provides retailers with the ability to track individual products from source-to-store by verifying outbound carton shipments, helping to prevent shipping errors to distribution centres, reducing human mistakes and improving operational efficiencies.

“Retailers are now adopting RFID throughout their entire supply chain to realise the full potential of the technology, from the factory to the consumer. Detego’s factory solution helps to maximise operational efficiencies at the source whilst providing more visibility of inventory from the very beginning. We now find ourselves in the unique position of being able to offer the only proven end-to-end RFID platform on the market, from factory, to DC, to stores and even consumer engagement in the stores”  says Kim Berknov, Executive Chairman of Detego.

The solution is delivered as a cloud-hosted mobile application which integrates directly with a range of RFID hardware as well as the factory’s ERP system. Detego offers the solution with different modules allowing for a range of processes to be performed in the factory, such as verifying shipment contents against target lists or verifying RFID tags have been encoded and printed correctly. These processes ensure 100% accuracy of shipments helping to prevent costly errors at source and provide more confidence in retailers supply chain operations to ultimately improve customer experience.

As the factory solution is part of the wider Detego platform, retailers will now be able to track every ‘read event’ relating to an individual item/EPC (Electronic Product Code), from the moment it leaves the factory all the way to being sold in the store. This will further help prevent shrinkage in the supply chain, whilst providing complete transparency of an individual item’s delivery time to distribution centres, stores or Direct-To-Consumers (DTC).

With factories in China now back in action, Detego’s new solution is perfect to ensure the visibility of these shipments are on time and accurate to prevent any further costs to retailers in these difficult times.


About Detego

Detego, a global retail software provider, was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London, UK, with offices in Graz, Austria and Moscow, Russia. The company develops and delivers a cloud-hosted RFID platform that digitises your traditional stock management processes, making them more efficient and more accurate to prevent out-of-stock situations and ensure optimal product availability for retailers. The modular platform covers the entire value chain from the factory to the store, and even consumer engagement in the store. By doing so, retailers can unlock the power of RFID to provide customers with a consistently good shopping experience across all channels. Detego’s software is complimented by managed services and software-as-a-service (SaaS), along with attractive financing models. Detego‘s customers include international fashion brands, retailers and department stores. Detego is already being used in over 1,750 stores and 15 distribution centres. More information can be found at www.detego.com

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