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Booth #4620 - January 12-14, 2020
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Discover the Future of RFID in Retail at NRF 2020

NRF 2020 is the ultimate stage for showcasing the latest and greatest in retail. The team at Detego will be in full force helping retailers understand how to make the most out of their inventory, people, and processes through the help of our RFID-based software. Whether you are at the very beginning of your RFID journey or at a fully operational stage, we have the best practise advice and most advanced solutions to help you unlock the power of RFID in retail.


Key event details:

  • Location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center ,  NYC
  • Dates: 12 – 14 January 2020
  • Booth number: #4260
  • Live demonstrations of our leading RFID inventory software and Smart Fitting Room
  • Meeting room available
  • Detego discount code: ‘4466’

Race to the Digital Store: Removing implementation barriers with AI and innovative applications

When: 11am

Where: Bluebird booth, 3310

Who: Luke Sinclair, Marketing Manager, Detego.

Detego highlights the latest advancements and case studies helping retailers to rapidly digitise their products and stores faster and more efficiently than ever before. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and innovative new features, retailers can now remove previous implementation barriers associated with RFID projects in order to gain a competitive advantage and immediate ROI.

AI-based Planograms and Money Mapping for Fashion Retail

When: 11am

Where: Bluebird booth, 3310

Who: Simon Walk, Senior Data Scientist, Detego.

Detego explores the new use cases for Artificial Intelligence applications for stock optimisation and how machine-learning can ensure products are always in the right place at the right time, including:

  • AI-driven, automated planograms for optimised product availability
  • Visual merchandising and ‘Money mapping’ in stores to monitor and increase sales.
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What's new?

Taking RFID to the next level

At Detego we know retail and we know RFID. This combination has enabled us to develop the most innovative RFID solutions on the market, alongside major global fashion brands. With RFID now on almost every retailer’s roadmap, we have the answers for any step of the journey, anywhere within your operations.

Everyone has to start somewhere, which is why we have out-of-the-box solutions to quick start your RFID journey. Alternatively, if RFID is well and truly ingrained in your business, then talk to Detego about how we are using AI and innovative new practises to take real-time decision making to the next level.

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