Customers state five top reasons for Detego InStore Lean Edition

Although we are not allowed to publish names of our retail customers who chose Detego InStore Lean Edition, the reasons that led many international fashion retailers to equip their stores with it, are summarised in the following:


  1. A solution that is productive within HOURS:
    Not within weeks or months. No complex IT integration or complicated implementation.


  1. Advantages for the store are effective immediately:
    Inventory accuracy and on-shelf availability > 98%.


  1. Intuitive and guided processes:
    Sales personnel are guided through all the relevant store processes quickly via a smartphone and without any need for trainings. A lean and intuitive application actively supports and unburdens the sales personnel in their daily work.


  1. Unbeatable flexibility for fashion retailers:
    Whether it is your own store, franchise store, wholesaler locations or shop-in-shop setups: Detego InStore Lean Edition fits all of them and delivers fast results/ROI.


  1. Scalability:
    Start with a few stores and scale to hundreds or thousands. Starting with the features of Lean Edition to ensure inventory accuracy and on-shelf availability, additional features can be added later with Full Edition, e.g. retail analytics, efficient omnichannel services and consumer engagement applications. Fully integrated inventory management across the entire supply chain is also possible at any time.


If you also want to benefit from these aspects, we´ll be happy to discuss the introduction of the Detego InStore Lean Edition to your stores.  We will show you how to get started quickly with one or more stores, what to do in terms of preparation, which results can be expected and for what budget. If you would like to see results, get in touch with us. We look forward  to hearing from you.

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