How store KPIs help to generate higher revenues

New Collection of KPIs

When talking “Analytics”, retailers address online shops but forget their top sellers: the stores

With an increasing number of collections of ever shorter time intervals, fashion retailers drive an enormous marketing effort to promote the new collections in their stores. As a result, it is only logical to implement the 5 common factors of performance measurement:

  • What is the conversion rate per campaign?
  • What kind of cross-selling offers are well received by customers and which are not?
  • What is the bounce rate – abandonment in the fitting room?
  • Which articels of a specific campaign are actively moved?
  • What is the level of service quality by the sales personnel?

Detego provides valuable store KPIs – on a weekly, daily or hourly basis – just whenever information on the relation between customer behaviour and the product range is needed: in the long term, in the medium term or in time before the current campaign period ends.

Detego InStore combined with Fixed Reader Infrastructure

Fixed RFID readers enable Detego InStore as well as Detego InReports to provide real-time data on the following key insights:

  • What article combinations are being taken into the fitting room
  • What articles never make it to the fitting room
  • To what extent is the new collection well recieved (tried-on) by customers
  • Where exactly are articles located in the store, in order to eliminate a time-consuming search for an article

and functionalities:

  • LIVE-article availability is displayed on a touchscreen in the fitting room
  • Click & Reserve function is offered directly in the fitting room for pickup in another store
  • „Call-for-Assistance“ button for an interactive customer service
  • Digital recommendations (Cross-selling)
  • Store-to-Store comparison
  • Stock accuracy of nearly 100% – without manual stocktaking

In-Store Analytics light up the dark

In an omni-channel environment, marketing and sales activities in the online shop are analysed with relatively high expenses. Conversion rate, cost-per-order, bounce rate and many other key figures are measured and evaluated regularly. All relates to one overall objective: permanent web-shop optimisation for more targeted offers and better Service.

But what happens in the store?

Better understand your customers’ preferences.

Optimise your product presentation according to these peferences.

Identify slow movers and take appropriate actions.

Webinar | Analytics

Real-time analytics in the store – Measureable KPIs for more transparency

Learn how to transform your bricks and mortar stores into digital hubs of real-time actionable data that will drive your revenues and efficiencies up. Allowing you to optimise your processes, campaigns and store activities through predefined KPIs.

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