This year Santa Claus has revealed the secret to their success in delivering world-wide miracles: The Detego Platform.

Santa Reveals the Secret to Delivering Christmas Miracles Every Year

It’s that time of the year again where Santa Claus is faced with the busiest season of all.

While other retailers are looking forward to a few days of well-earned rest, Santa and his operational team are preparing for a night that would make the most seasoned logistics specialist cringe.

For years and years, children and supply chain operatives alike have wondered just how he does it…

A Tall Order

The original direct-to-consumer model, the North Pole operates the largest factory & distribution centre in the world. As well as the sheer quantity of items, they also deal with a razor-thin delivery-window that makes even Amazon Prime look simple.

Not only is there a head-spinning quantity of orders to contend with, but complete accuracy is a must. Unlike ASOS, a brand that also deals in great quantities; Santa doesn’t have a returns policy.

Instead, mishandled packages and incorrect deliveries break brand-trust and innocent hearts.

Well, this year the international-gift-deliverer has revealed the secret to their success in delivering world-wide miracles: The Detego Platform.

A Magical Solution

Responding to dramatic industry change including higher demand, fierce competition from e-commerce and children making requests through multiple channels, The North Pole decided to undergo a digital transformation.

The North Pole teamed up with Detego to give every single gift a digital identity. This allowed Santa and his elves to know exactly what they had in stock, ensure 100% accuracy in shipping and to track individual items in transit around the world.

Since every item is produced on-site, The North Pole can easily source-tag every present with RFID.

Santa’s elves then do full cycle counts of their inventory to make sure they’re fully prepared for Christmas. In previous years, this started in September and ended in November! Now, with the multi-user Detego application, lots of elves can take a stock read at the same time without the need for direct line of sight (cutting the ladder budget in half), and leaving no room for error.

The Detego application tracking christmas presents

No Need to Check the List Twice – Accurate Data You Can Trust

From this accurate view of inventory Santa and his team then sort and distribute presents, using RFID enabled pick-and-pack and exception handling. With modern RFID processes, this ensures no mistakes take place, so no children accidentally receive coal even though they’ve been good that year.

Crucially, by using automated RFID tunnels The North Pole can check every item is correctly packaged and accounted for without ever needing to unwrap presents to double check!

With a system as sophisticated as this, Santa can simply sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas knowing everything’s taken care of.

– From everyone at Detego, we hope you enjoy yours too.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

‘Christmas presents are magical things, so we needed an equally magic solution to make sure they get to the right place on time, we’ve always worked very hard to do this, but now it’s easier than ever!’

– Santa Claus

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