Detego, a market leader in real-time business intelligence for the fashion retail industry, is releasing its latest whitepaper, “Omni-Channel Fashion Retail”, providing a checklist for the fundamentals of efficient omni-channel retailing. It is focused on how retailers can meet customers’ expectations regarding omni-channel services such as “Availability Check” in stores, “Click & Collect”, “Ship-from-Store”, “Return-to-Store” and “Instore Ordering” in an efficient way in order to provide an optimum shopping experience across all channels.

With this practice-oriented guide, Detego responds to the request of many fashion retailers for specific recommendations and actions to take according to the different stages of omni-channel development the companies are currently operating on. In the implementation of omni-channel services, Detego distinguishes between four development stages: the orientation-, the start-, the expansion- and the stability-stage. At each stage, processes, systems and data accuracy are at different levels, which makes the realisation of omni-channel services in lower development stages more difficult.

“In practice, we constantly see that the right basis for omni-channel services is still missing. Therefore, it is not surprising that expectations of a consistent positive customer experience are simply not met. In order to reliably offer services like Click & Collect or Return-to-Store, complete article transparency in real-time across all channels is crucial, not to mention needing the appropriate processes, in-store technologies and involvement of the sales personnel as well,” says Uwe Hennig, CEO at Detego. “We offer fashion retailers a free maturity check which helps identify the current stage of omni-channel development and provides recommendations for the next steps to take.”

The publication is available in English and German language and can be downloaded for free on the Detego website