Join us on the 16th of October in London as we take part in the UK's leading conference on the practical application of artificial intelligence in the retail industry

Event Preview: AI in Retail Conference 2019

AI in Retail Conference: Key details

16 October 2019

Cavendish Conference Center – London





Event Overview

Digitally native competitors and demanding customers are forcing a new perspective in retail. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have huge implications for technology and is one of the main driving forces of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. The AI in retail conference explores how this fast-emerging technology is changing the retail landscape.

The event takes place on the 16th of October at Cavendish conference center in London (W1G 9DT).

With speakers from several major retailers and brands including Sainsbury’s, Domino’s, Microsoft and google, as well as our customers Levi’s, the conference promises to be incredibly insightful on the practical applications of AI in retail.

Presentation: AI for inventory and stock optimisation – ensuring the right products are in the right place at the right time

Our senior data scientist, Simon Walk, will be discussing how the Detego platform offers AI capabilities to retailers as part of a SaaS solution. The presentation will cover AI’s applications for stock optimisation and how machine-learning can ensure products are always in the right place at the right time, including:

  • How Artificial Intelligence works for stock optimisation
  • AI-optimised planograms – How AI and machine learning can be utilised to produce more up-to-date and relevant planograms that are optimised for each individual store 
  • Machine-Learning Product recommendations – How AI is used to provide superior product recommendations to customers to increase sales, and how Detego utilises this technology in smart displays to bring cross-selling to brick-and-mortar stores 
  • Smart Picking Lists – How AI can take stock replenishment to the next level by guiding staff through replenishment with optimised ‘picking paths’ that calculate the most efficient replenishment route for store staff

Who should attend the AI in retail conference?

The event is aimed at senior executives within retail in the following departments:

  • Digital Transformation
  • eCommerce
  • Data Science / Data Engineering / Data Analytics
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Insights
  • Customer Services
  • Product

Coming to the conference and want to schedule a meeting? Get in touch below:

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