Event Review: EuroCIS 2016

From February 23rd–25th, 2016 Detego was attending this year’s EuroCIS – Europe’s leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology. 400 exhibitors from 29 countries were demonstrating their retail solutions and let visitors benefit from a professional exchange on top-level.

Detego addressed the future of fashion retail and revealed how the right basis for the successful implementation of digital strategies using real-time analysis and article transparency helps to overcome competition in the long run. Innovative fashion retailers already use the potential of real-time article transparency and thus lay the foundation for their strategic challenges especially regarding digitalisation and omni-channel.

Further practical implementation ideas for the digital future in fashion retail were provided by Uwe Hennig, CEO at Detego with his presentation „Everyone claims Omni-channel but no one is really doing it – How marketing budgets ruin the supply chain“ at the Omni-channel Forum.


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