From store to digital stage

From fashion store to digital showroom in 10 steps

Transform your store to provide an incomparable new shopping experience

There are shops where you don’t just shop clothes, there you can really experience fashion. More and more fashion companies are putting their brand on a stage, celebrating it so customers can experience the brand with all of their senses. Nothing is left to chance – a visit to the store becomes an experience that leaves a long-lasting impression. Aside from store design and an understanding of the neuropsychology that influences the shopping behaviour of customers, the digital evolution of the store is the most important factor for the successful store of the future. As more and more brands are competing for the shopping budget of fewer and fewer customers, the intention is to create customer loyalty towards the brand.

Here’s what you have to do as a fashion retailer in order to strategically set up your stores for digitalisation.

From Fashion Store to Digital Showroom in 10 Steps

Selected merchandise on the sales floor. High level of customer service. Digital-enabled store.

  • Lay the foundation for real-time article accuracy with RFID-based labelling
  • Accelerate the process of goods-inbound: delivery notifications, preparation on the sales floor, check-in of merchandise even if the boxes are still unopened, bring merchandise faster to the sales floor
  • Make use of effortless permanent inventory monitoring for a complete article transparency
  • Transform your sales personnel into more competent shopping consultants equipped with tablets and unburden them from administrative tasks
  • Set the stage for your brand through pure and spacious merchandise presentation with only a few items on the sales floor
  • Automate and speed up the replenishment process
  • Set up an early notification system to prevent out-of-stock situations
  • Retain the customers in the store by ensuring that they have access to real-time availability information
  • Ensure that you have an efficient click & collect system in place
  • Optimise the flow of merchandise from the central warehouse as well as between individual stores

Complicated, expensive and time-consuming? It‘s not!

We facilitate your start into the digital future by providing a step-by-step solution that is both free of risk and easy to implement – positive outcomes are guaranteed.

During a three-month Detego Proof of Concept (POC) we evaluate your individual business situation. Our evaluation method, which is specifically designed for fashion retail, defines the process, the data to be collected, measuring points and required resources, in a straightforward way. The POC is carried out under the guidance of our business consultants and systems engineers. After the 3 month POC-Phase you will receive a management report including precise KPIs that will help you for your decision-making process. The Detego POC ensures that the top management has the information needed to make more reliable decisions in terms of the realisation of their digitalisation strategies.

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