Consumer Engagement requires a proactive sales culture. As a result, the traditional set-up in today's fashion stores is changing; in regards to systems as well as sales personnel. So let us have a look into the new store.

How to engage with consumers in your brick-and-mortar stores

Friendly sales personnel, stores in top locations and an appealing product assortment are not enough anymore for successful fashion retailing. Today’s consumers expect more: stores as temples of experiences, sales personnel that understands or even anticipates their needs and frictionless shopping across all channels. The use of IoT technologies in brick-and-mortar stores will support retailers to meet these expectations. But how much consumer engagement does it take to turn “today’s shoppers” into “loyal customers of tomorrow”? A search for traces…


What are consumers actually looking for?

That is quite simple: articles in the right sizes. Otherwise they are leaving the store without buying anything. Assuming that consumer engagement requires a proactive, not reactive sales culture, retailers need to start rethinking their business approach. This involves systems that provide high inventory accuracy and article availability, real-time information capability, and a single stock view across the entire store network including franchise and wholesales locations as well as online shops. In addition, it requires a customer-focused and empowered store personnel, equipped with smart devices and real-time information, to provide consumers with instant information about desired articles and the capability to reserve these articles or to deliver them directly to the customer’s home. It’s all about an effective way of interaction that is leading to a long-term customer loyalty. If the store staff is proactively supported by the in-store system by means of e.g. intelligent stock takes or smart replenishment processes, retailers – and ultimately the customer – benefit from high inventory accuracy and end-to-end article availability. This provides the base for a successful consumer engagement and is available with the Detego InStore Lean Edition.


What exactly do consumers expect?

A lot: individual and innovative shopping experiences. Spoilt by the convenience and services of E-Commerce, consumers’ expectations towards their shopping experience in brick-and-mortar stores are ever more stringent. Omnichannel services such as click-and-collect, return-to-store, ship-from-store and online availability check per store are part of these expectations and have to run smoothly. The Detego InStore Full Edition provides retailers the full-service package for their omnichannel business.


How does interaction with consumers look like?

Very versatile and via different touchpoints that customers choose, e.g. via their smartphone right after entering the store. The chatbot Detega gets in touch and supports with article and availability information, introduces the new collection and is also a virtual guide beyond the actual store visit. The Smart Fitting Room is also adapting to consumer requirements in an entirely experience-oriented way. It assembles preferred article variations and optimises the fitting service in close collaboration with the store personnel who brings desired articles from the sales floor or back room to the cabin when requested by consumers via the Smart Fitting Room application. Detego InChannels provides retailers with various opportunities for interaction with consumers that activate customer potential.

The Detego Suite supports retailers in meeting current and future challenges and keeps the store staff ready for increasingly demanding consumers while making the brick-and-mortar business run more efficiently.

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