It's been a year like no other; we recap an eventful year for retail by looking through our best content from the year. From COVID-19 to retail's ongoing digital transformation, and our major updates along the way.

Detego’s Yearly Roundup 2020

It’s time to close the curtain on what’s been a challenging year for all. Retail has been under immense pressure this year, but through perseverance, partnership and innovation, we are beginning to come out of the other side.

While it might be tempting to move on from this year and not look back, we feel it’s important to look back and take stock of the biggest developments and stories of the year, good and bad.  

Let’s explore the major themes of the year for retail, and revisit some of the content and updates that have told the story of 2020. 

COVID-19: Charting a Course Through Unprecedented Times

COVID-19 was the defining event of 2020. The pandemic was devasting to people, communities and businesses. Our day-to-day was transformed overnight, with life and work becoming remote-first and priorities and plans being rethought and reassessed. For retail, with stores being closed, many people under financial pressure and working from home, revenue dropped massively. Not only this but COVID-19 will have a lasting effect on the industry, with experts predicting it accelerated industry change by five years.

COVID-19 has caused massive disruption to retail. So, what do retailers need to do to not only survive, but to excel in this new normal environment?
How crisis and change often go hand in hand and exploring how COVID-19 may accelerate retail’s digital transformation.
What does the future of apparel retail stores look like after COVID-19 and beyond?

Looking Ahead to 2021

But what about looking ahead to next year? Keeping an eye on upcoming trends is always important, this year even more so. While it’s comforting to think that the pandemic will be a thing of the past next year, the reality is it will remain a factor. More significant will be the ‘hangover’ of the post-pandemic, which will have huge implications on the industry and its priorities for the coming year. We explored what these priorities and subsequent trends will be in a recent series:

Why online order fulfilment will be a key metric for 2021, and how retailers must adapt and strengthen their fulfilment capabilities to keep up with the higher demand.
A look at DTC retailing and its increasing popularity, plus if direct is the future, what does it mean for the industry going forward?
A look at how recommerce and rental models are growing in popularity in the fashion industry, what it means for the environment, the industry and what the key challenges and considerations are for retailers looking to offer these services in the future.

The Ongoing Digitial Transformation of Retail

We have been calling for, and leading the way in, digital transformation in retail for over ten years, and this year has been no different. Now more than ever, retailers need to innovate and improve their systems and processes to keep up with modern retailing. The benefits that digital transformation can deliver such as reduced costs, increased sales and better online/offline integration will be vital for retailers in the wake of the pandemic and beyond. Retail digital transformation is what Detego does, and this year we’ve been discussing this in more ways than ever before. Whether you’re still discovering why, or need to learn how, we have resources to help you get started.

Hear from Detego’s implementation experts and BESTSELLERS’s RFID project leader on how retailers should approach digital transformation with RFID.
Discover how RFID is changing retail for good. This eBook will guide you through the top 10 needs identified by retailers to ensure sustainable success in the modern environment. Explore the common challenges preventing retailers from achieving their goals and learn how applying smart RFID-based solutions delivers consistently good results.
Detego's Executive Chairman, Kim Berknov, joins the Retail Corner Podcast to dicuss RFID technology and how it allows retailers to accuratley track products throughout the supply chain.

Building the Supply Chain of the Future

We’ve been innovating and supporting retail stores for over 10 years with RFID. Alongside our customers and partners, we have increasingly been moving upstream and digitising and future-proofing the supply chain. This year, with the focus being on eCommerce and online shopping, supply chain innovation has been front and centre. RFID in the supply chain is an exciting topic and the results and developments from deploying RFID in factories and distribution centres are impressive. Whether its achieving complete supply chain visibility, optimising against shrinkage or building automated DC’s fit for the future, the technology has a lot to offer. Explore it here:

How retailers are utilising RFID across the supply chain and the benefits from doing so
KNAPP selects Detego as their RFID solution partner to improve operational efficiencies and inventory visibility for Marc Cain.
Item-level data and the 3 key building blocks to supply chain optimisation - visibility, traceability, and accountability

Building Partnerships

This year more than ever, building strong partnerships has been essential. At Detego, we have always prided ourselves on building good relationships and effective collaboration. This year, we have continued working alongside our amazing customers and clients and have even developed new ones to strengthen projects and products in the future.

As part of both the new FastTrack and the Customer Success co-sponsorship programmes, Detego will work alongside Microsoft to develop further AI and big data features to their leading RFID platform.
The RFID Software Specialists Joins Network of Companies Certified to Help Businesses Implement GS1 Standards
The American technology integrators and European RFID specialists are combining their retail and IT expertise to deliver first-class end-to-end RFID solutions to the American retail industry.

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